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January 20, 2010     Farmers Independent
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January 20, 2010

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Wednesday, January, 20 2010 FARMERS INDEPENDENT, Bagley, Minnesota - Page 11 ll'e Dc/ivcr: OUTDOORS by Mike Rahn The January thaw that brought melting to much of the state during the past week was welcomed by most of us, if for no other reason than simply as relief from the bitter cold that preceded it. Such warm-ups are not really a plus for cross country ski and snowmobile trails, which quickly become icy in a freeze- thaw cycle. Trails that are regularly resurfaced with good track-setting and grooming equipment, however, should still provide good skiing and riding, but marginally maintained trails would benefit from some fresh snow. The thaw has freed many fish houses that had been locked in frozen slush, a result of heavy snows over much of the state before Christmas. Some anglers I know, relieved at not having to take extreme measures to The Advice GODDESSl Amy Alkon I Six months ago, after my boyfriend and I had been together a year, we started living together. We're in our late 20s. Shortly after I moved in, he asked if another couple, his friends, could move in with us so they'd save some money. I said yes -- on the understanding that they'd be out by early 2010. My boyfriend soon started hanging with them constantly and ignoring our relationship. I • Collision Repair iiL Frame Straightening ,,-t • Fast & Free Computerized Estimates • Glass Replacement & Repair To save your tires stop at the COP SOIATION : i and see Kerby for that FRONT END ALIGNMENT Replace those worn out Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends and Idler Arms Rolohome Friendship - Wisconsin Over 45 homes on the lot KING OF THE ROAD VA - FHA Conventional Financing Available ANDERSON MOBILE HOMES, INC. J.S. Hwy 71, Sebeka, MN 56477 1-800-879-2284 Solid Bottom x Septic Pumping Satellite Toilet Rentals (218)vas-26s2 Bagley, MN 56621 (Yesterday's meals on wheels) F l I i l l l l , I NORTH COUNTRY 1 OVERHEAD DOOR | • Sales • Service • Installation • I ,' liiiii!iii!iiiiiiilN00l ' I RESIDENTIAL I & COMMERCIAL I Operators ° Remodeling I I Repair. Broken Springs I Call Karl Ness (218) 776-3437 I or Toll-Free 1-888-393-9070 I Ib m i, i, i, i, ,m 1 J NOTICE REGARDING Animal Abuse/Neglect Report all cases of animal abuse, neglect or cruelty to: Minnesota Federated Humane Societies FEED • rEED • PET & DEER PRODUCTS Vinyl, Printed & Lighted Signs Banners • Logo Design StriPing & Graphics Truck Lettering ! -877-826-4625 Toil-Free Welcome winter thaw; spending our dedicated funds break them free, have pondered removing them now, but it seems a bit early to be throwing in the towel on ice fishing. A serious snow melt in mid- winter is not good if you're a ruffed grouse, because deep and fluffy is best for insulation, and protection from winter predators. But if you're a deer or a pheasant, less is best! In fact, already in Southwest Minnesota, these two species are experiencing winter stress. Snow drifts of three or four feet have made many cattail sloughs, which are the best pheasant shelter in winter, of little value. Wildlife managers believe some pheasants have already been lost. Deer in the Southwest have been seen gathering in harvested crop fields, in much the way they gather in deer yards in northern forests, collectively tramplingthe snow down so that they can move around without floundering. But deer in confined conditions like this, whether in a northern forest, or a southern Minnesota corn field, eventually run out of food. That's why wildlife managers there are hoping for more thawing weather. Here in the North, snow depths are generally not threatening. Dedicated funding news: When the Minnesota Legislature gathers for the 2010 session in February, it will be presented with a proposal on how to spend approximately $60 million for what we hope will be wildlife habitat enhancement. These funds are anticipated receipts from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, created following the 2008 passage of a constitutional amendment to dedicate an additional 3/16 of one percent of state sales tax receipts to conservation purposes. This was the "dedicated funding" that conservation groups and private citizens fought for more than a decade. Last week the recommendations for this $60 million of spending were firmed up by a committee called the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, named for two former state lawmakers who believed in, and fought for, dedicated sales tax funding for conservation. Bob Lessard was from International Falls, Dallas Sams from the Staples-Motley area. It remains to be seen how the legislature will respond to the recommendations of this 12-member body. Their recommendations are intended to protect or restore up to 60,000 acres of habitat for various wildlife species, the same for over 110 miles of shoreline on Minnesota lakes, rivers and streams. "It remains to be seen" because already there have been indications that some state lawmakers want to stretch the original definition of how the funds were to be used. As passed, the language in the constitutional amendment dedicated the additional funds to "restore, protect and enhance" fish and wildlife habitat and water resources. Most have interpreted that to mean on-the- ground habitat work. One lawmaker has proposed using these funds to combat insect pests, like the emerald ash borer that is infesting some Minnesota forests. Another has proposed using the funds for education programs to inform the public of the value of clean, unpolluted water. Another feels that, in these tough economic times, these funds should be used for various projects that will make work to stimulate the Minnesota economy. Citizens outnumber legislators on the 12-member Outdoor Heritage Council, and therefore have some leverage in deciding what projects to recommend that the Legislature fund with these new revenues. On the other hand, the Legislature is the approving body, and there is ample evidence that many lawmaker-politicians put their own priorities first. One of the arguments long ago for creating the Minnesota state lottery was to help fund outdoors-related and resource management projects. Today, not much more than a dime out of each lottery dollar is used for that purpose. Those who supported dedicated sales tax funding for natural resources hope that in 10 years we're not saying the same about the constitutional amendment we just passed. House Swarming pointed out that we needed our alone-time together. He made excuses, but showed that he had no intention of making time for us. I hid my unhappiness, but finally had to sit him down and tell him what needed to change. Several days later, he said he wanted to take a break, and I should move out -- although the problem couple can afford to leave but are using him for cheap rent. He offered to help me move, and into a safe place. I told him I think our situation is fixable with a little effort and understanding. -- Hurt It's the passive-aggressive breakup, where you don't bother telling somebody their girlfriend or boyfriend services are no longer wanted; you just make them so miserable they stop dreaming of you and start dreaming of U-Haul. Your boyfriend may have "yeah, okay, coor'-ed you on moving in together, but panicked when two toilet brushes became as one. Maybe one small step for man started looking like one giant step toward married-kind: your being the last woman he'll ever have sex with and trading in his sport package wheels for a minivan. Maybe he's "just not that into you," or maybe all he's good for is picking you up at 7 a few nights a week. Okay, fine, this is stuff a couple has to work through -- or discover they can't. But, thanks to what may have started as a misguided act of charity, he's always had an out: "Why try to resolve the conflict when I can take advantage of these conveniently located human shields?" Oh, has he offered to help you move? How sweet. You'll be out of his life in half the time! And do go. It's possible he'll miss you and want you back. But, do you really want him? He's been hostile, unloving and unkind. His "taking a break" is probably another easy way out: "Here, have some false hope!" (Anything to keep from mopping your tears off the linoleum.) Your big concern should be how you treated you. Like many 20-something women, you were probably too accommodating, from letting these people move in to hiding your unhappiness. The answer isn't being difficult, but standing firm on what does and doesn't work for you: Yes, to entering into a more committed relationship, no to managing a very small Holiday Inn. Maybe, to living in a house that's haunted, but with more traditional "free spirits" -- the kind that fly around in bedsheets saying "Wooo!" and when they do make stuff disappear, it isn't always all your beer. Desperately Reeking Susan: A friend wants to break up with a woman he's started seeing because he can't stand her smell (her natural scent; it's not a hygiene issue). Friends say he's being too nitpicky, and this is not a reason to break When you've just moved in with your boyfriend, you should be doing wonderful things, not trying to get on the waiting list for a comfortable seat for Bananagrams. Never mind that your boyfriend's slacker friends needed a cheap crash pad. Moving in with your girlfriend and immediately moving in your friends is like booking the honeymoon suite and asking, "Oh, yeah, can we get a cot for my mom?" Of course, this ended up working out perfectly for him and his friends. They're using him for cheap rent; he's using them for a cheap breakup. Local Water Plan topic of hearing By Tricia Mathison reaching the community with a with each issue comes from survey that had a small response, with only 28 surveys returned. The plan was developed through the county, state and federal agencies. Clearwater County has seven major watersheds that include: Crow Wing, Ottertail, Red Lake/Red Lakes, Mississippi Headwaters, Wild Rice River, and the Clearwater River. The focus will be on the three largest watersheds, which are the Mississippi, Wild Rice and Clearwater rivers. The problems that have been found are high fecal call form, E call, and low dissolved oxygen levels. Cost of projects to deal state funding, grants, federal government, and sometimes land owners can have a 25 percent contribution. Commissiner Tom Anderson had concerns that some test sites had been poorly planned. He felt more input from land owners should have been noted. One example was a test that had been taken too close to a beaver dam, which would have given possible incorrect results. Leonard Stinar added that Walker Brook is one with low oxygen that was thought to be caused by cattle or run off, but it was just in the soil and had nothing to do with any of those John Knisley from the Soil and Water conservation District gave a slide show presentation to the Clearwater County commissioners and the public. First Knisley gave a summary of the process in setting up a plan by using a task force to review history and look at the accomplishments of the 2007 water plan. They also looked at the eoncerns in the county, such as surface water, ground water, and education. On March 18, 2008 a public meeting was held to gather community input. Unfortunately, no one showed up for the meeting. They chose to try Attend Extension Beef Cow-Calf Days By Ryon Walker, University of Minnesota Extension The University of Minnesota Extension Beef Team will host the 2010 Minnesota Beef Cow/ Calf Days at 10 locations across Minnesota during the weeks of Feb. 2-5 and Feb. 8-12. The winter programs are designed for cow and calf producers. The programs provide up-to- date information on issues and technologies being used within the beef industry, and create an atmosphere for critical thinking, experiences and discussions. Each year, topics presented at Cow/Calf Days are selected based on producer surveys from the previous year, and on current issues relhted to the beef industry. Five northern location meetings (with the contact person's telephone number for more details) are scheduled Feb. 2-5 as follows: • Feb. 2, Central Lakes College, Staples, 9:30-3 p.m., Todd County Extension, (320) 732-4435 • Feb. 2, American Legion, Bagley, 5:30-9:30 p.m., Clearwater County Extension. (218) 694-6151 • Feb. 3, Old City Hall, Lancaster, 5:30-9:30 p.m., Roseau County Extension, (218) 463-0294 • Feb. 4, Rosalies Restaurant, Baudette, 5:30-9:30 p.m., Heating • Ventilation • A/C Residential  Commercial  Assistance Vendor Fabrication • Roto-Rootering • Chimney Cleaning • Installation & Service (All Brands) • Load Testing & System Designs • Furnaces • Heat Pumps • Air Conditioners • Chimney Cleaning • Duct Work • Duct Cleaning • Custom Sheet Metal Extension Regional Office in Grand Rapids, (218) 327-5958 • Feb. 5, Itasca Community College, Grand Rapids, 5:30- 9:30 p.m., Extension Regional Office in Grand Rapids, (218) 327-5958 Topics will include: • Current Beef Team research and education updates, with Extension Beef Team • What's to know about grazing systems, with (north only) Russ Mathison - U of M, and (south only) Paul Peterson -U of M • The basics and cost of developing heifers, with Dan Larson - Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc. • The economics behind the cow, with (north only) Lori Weddle-Schott - Extension Beef Team, and (South Only) Ryon Walker- Extension Beef Team • Panel: Keeping the younger generation in the beef business, with invited speakers and beef producers Ryon Walker is a beef educator with University of Minnesota Extension. 218-694-2020 Located 5 miles South of Bagley, on County Road 28 (218) 694-6168 • (218) 694-2798 up. P.S. He isn't someone who normally goes around being put off by people's smell. -- Sympathetic It's hard enough to apply lip balm without breaking the mood. Try telling your girlfriend that you just have to hose her down with Febreze. This friend of yours could love this woman's heart, mind, and spirit, but that isn't going to cut it if, for him, "a rose by any other name" is pretty much "goat vomit." His friends shouldn't blame him. Chances are, his genes make him do it. Research by biologist Claus Wedekind and others suggests we evolved to prefer the smell of a partner whose immune system is quite different from ours, probably so we'll produce children with a broader set of defenses from parasites and diseases. Your friend needs to end it before this woman gets attached and, especially, before he loses it and blurts out, "What the heck's that perfume you're always wearing, Eau Did Your Septic Tank Back Up Again"? Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica, CA 90405, or e-mail AdviceAmy@aol. cam (www.advicegoddess. cam). COPYRIGHT 2010 AMY ALKON. DIST. BY CREATORS.COM issues. Anderson had a comment on Silver Creek that had a statement in the plan that call form contamination came from cattle. There is wildlife and other livestock other than cattle that could have contributed to it. He would like it corrected in the water plan. Knisley will now bring the plan to the Northern Subcommittee and they will make changes, if any. All agencies will be reviewing it and, hopefully, there will be a final product within 90 days. When the plan is final the board may adopt it. The plan can be reviewed at the SWCD Office in Bagley. 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