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Bagley, Minnesota
March 4, 1920     Farmers Independent
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March 4, 1920

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'~~LLTOWNPAPERS,~" INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ~ECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. ARMER ' s m F id r i L nm i . fL. ~lass ls driving ~ne scnoo! 000,000 people of alien bgrth in the - , . United States of protection through fO:adthe~ Farmers Inae- the courts. "Ours is supposed to be a eGO rne minerva news government of laws," says Howe, "not 'of men. A man can be convicted only * ,~--~ for a specific statutory offence. Not qm~l" CLEARBROOK * so with the alien. If a specified charge can not be proven the alien can be a held under the *agnet a cusa+, We have turned the interior of our store over to the carpenters .~h appeared h~ke a lamb, we that he is likelwy to become a public ,IE~_~ ow it will go out? charge." ~,altd Mrs. Martin Johnson and -- for remodeling. We are making several changes in the different departments and we -~l~ t.~ i~ildreh are re, ported to The inspector who makes the arrest, ~'Ohn~J sick Lund,with theof Bemidji,'flu" came byaliensit seems, is prosecuter andgrandcase.jury,Thereno trialis nobeforeJUdge oftheindictmenta jury, are forced to move the bulk of our stock about to givethe carpenters room to work. the auction sale of her son L=d =d al. o visited with no in his behalf, =d u.ti, This sale will offeryou all an opportunity., to save some money on the v -'mrckase .~ti! Monday morning, when recently he was denied the services of of lawyer. The cc sed alien, i, fact, your Spring and atthe same time save us the work of rearranging all these ~~ for home. suddenly dissappeared and was denied dohn Nelson, and daughter, I~thB~ly,~~iPiveyspentandFri(layMrs. Randahlafter. communication with any one, even his own family, tie lacks the elementary Goods. ~With Miss Carlson. protection accorded the victim of in- ~L~td Mrs. Arthur A. Lund have toxieation in a city police court. -----7--S- -- "Fr ~ved to their new home on theil ameups are posmble; frameups to "--'---'-- ~Orth of town. sieze the aliens property; frameups . _ cesulting from race quarrels; frame Men s So Men s Canvas Gloves 2,000 yards prmts ~~ Was well attended ups resulting from strikes and indus- ~.'~ton'Joten has bought the lots trial conflicts. Men have been exam- 100 doz. Best Grade Men s seamless ~tt Thor Nelson's and E. Ran- ined at Ellis Island who claimed they nE,'and hasalready started to had been beaten to force admissions. Rock'ord Sox--30 grade, for .......aln0d d35;envalM::s)s Canvas Gloves, 20, 30 Over 2,000 yards of Prints, light and ..................... dark Pere~des, muslins and Outing ~,resia In the meantime Judge George, 4 pair $1.00 15-25-30c a pair flannels, 30 values ................ I~Lins~e,nee' ....... Bourquin, in Montana, has handed " " - mm~_' % pmnclpa~ o[ ~ne school down deci ...... ~t~. work-again after afew,:ays ri-ht ~ tria~,ln that an aflen Gas a ~e, ~:~ickwith the flu. ~ " or $2.90 a dozen 1.70-2.85-3.40 a dozen 25c per yard ~arl~i ~[HKnnliepspo~ le~ ~at~::d The increasing mud---~d,e an,, disaster I~ral oe ~,;o .***.~,.- ' in our national affairs can not be I~' Imd Mr~'~E~"Ra~tlahl andson charged to any but the so-called great q~nt S~nda: at Joe 'Hansen's business leaders, who in turn have the Ginghams, Muslins J.P.Coats Thread 2,000 yds Ginghams, L~t-'Claas ~. .... a ,g:n~:Z':, federal government in leading strings. ~-- " ~.: ....... ?'~ ?"?,%" These interests are looking out for ~,s~aaay az~ernoon a~ refer re~- themselves first and the country see- 2,000 yards of Ginghams, Shirtings, SeverM hundred yards of Ginghams J.P. Coats best sewing cotton, 150 vds Muslin's O *" - ....... :" L~w. ta Sere " on a d famil m v d end, and it is being rapidly demon ................. "- ~ , u~lngs ann rercams, all to r~s n y oe s ~-'t"their farm the latter art of the trated that our country, rich as it is and Muslins, worth 25 yard, this sale spools, 4u ~o tvv White ~ms ~o~ lasts ............. ~t ~ P in natural resources and in the work- .... goou weights, ;~ vases, a~ ......... [~ 1~;; ,,o~*-A --on ,he w .... ,~ing intelligence of its people, can not 20C per yard 6c per "Spool 30c per yard ~e~nt~ .................... stand the load of such a leadership. It ,, ---- Gold reserves of the federal bank [~ ~ ~ * . . , , . . . . . . . . , . , system have fallen below legal re- F ------ , quirements and this calls for drastic ~tta. NORA NEWS . . . decrease in credit just at the time 9 9 . 9 ........-.--..w c 100 pant Men s and 10 dozen Men s 15 dozen Men s ~h.,. hen the ountry needs more produc- ~r is coming~ We were all tion. And these great men know as ~auch surprised" when we heard well as every third-rate economist in Women's" Shoes! Sex and Mitts! Mitts and Sex! ~rt that a crow was seen on the i the country that a credit system based ~ay Of March, which is a never upon actual business done, such as spring Ca a alro has. ould $4.40 a pair 48c a pair 69c a pair ~mJT Soper returned home last l vented this serious trouble. iL~ull front the town of Rice where ] ~alta spent the winter. ~ It is now .annunced that the govern- ~, Glad Mrs. Carl Baum and son, I ment deficit for the year to:end June ~, visite~ at the Fultz home on130 will be $3,000,000.000. Instead of 25 Men's Overcoats 6 Men's Dogskin 6 Men'sSheeplined ~ a~ternoon. I beginning to pay off our wir debt we Iverson of Minerva anent the I have actually added by this enor- ~t~d at the home of his ~rother, Imous sum--so gently have we dealt small sizes Coats! Ulsters,full lenght , While ~ ~ .~'~ v | with great incomes and war profits . he__ h.. asj_ted Mr. I er-. ~i~ wood sawin+ [There mr+ roomers afloat to the effect $5,00 each $29.90 each $17.90each ~. ;tt~aber of our young folks at-I that our federal debt is about double the___d~mce ~,~'ven at Alida_ last ! what has~ been announced and our +*''++ en S ina al GIn ams us- ersSadie Fu]tz returned to Shev-Imuch as the $10,000,000,000 aeknowl- tl'Ua'day after spending the week ' edged" f)0M M k 9 ~t aer hollae in Bagley. She was I Foreign trade languishes for rea- :nlPanied bY her siBter, Christina,[sns which a right-minded govern- ~I~, ~O9 ~turnod the same afternoon ! sent could overcome. The grip of mo- 't4tlt Sunda"~'afternn Miss Dr ' nplists n natural resourees permits" ", c Ill.too sh'" , l~urtzbei- and Iv-r ~ol ...... [ ess and less of the precious fumia- ~i-~a -'~ ~r _T ~,I..'"~= ......... ] mentals o, .,. ,o +. oo, ,,,o+, oats h.nss ~le~"-'+'r Larson ....... and "~-"~"tam, g, of tne'" ,the factories to the. multitude.. $6~0 $10 90 $12 50 II cl H of Rice, lave moved their house- I America can not stand this pace, ~l~'~h ;,+~. *ho h ........ ,1~ v,.la"d the sooner the common people, 2500 gar s, yard wide, ighGrade ~1 h~,"--'Ro':"~r~ek'a~-er~'TI~'e.~, ex i through the farmer-labor organzation, II 11- T w ou,ng" "take. control, s, alle . . wil| the ] II Percales, Ginghams, bleached_ and i~ disaster they must hqu]date I Mr. Larson operates a clover I " =: II :+er~axdathreshingmaehineinthis' =" +ua.ou anu +l.+.uu . '- , I! unbleached Muslins, Outi gs and Carlson, who is attendiag l ~v~ at Bagley, spent the past Sat-n ~ --N Worth from $1.00 to $3.00 more if I I Shirtings, per yard - - 35c. ,Y and Sunday at his home. l .... ,.... a_~ ...... ,o + h,v II W.~o~e~le prices o~'some of_these goods today are: 37 to ***************** *1 ( I ax ,+ / we ay, '""'' ' ~ - ' GR)CEI~Y SI~.CIA~.S!- ' ~els Erickson was a visitor at the l !' ~rieksenr honle |a,t ~/[onday. I t~s and George Rud are busy with | ~- ~l~ ~'~ [ job of hauling logs this week. { ~ f] ~ I ~ph Thorstad and Henry Hanson ] k. k,.__)~, I ~::':~ ] I I tr~l at the Erickson home on Sun-I ~ / Peaberry Coffee! Caspers Coffee! Mejet Mejd L',O" Sunderland and sons bought a | ~ 25 pound drums New Process Roasted t Caspers Old Style Package Coffee, 45 { A compound of fresh skimmed milk ._~on truer from the Automotive I~ Peaberry Coffee, at this sale ........ 1 value, at this sale .................. | antl refined cocoanut oil ............. in Bggley, which they are go- i T-]r ] | | to use for breaking land and for [ I ~ I : . er . ' 251b. drum, $10.75 [ P Pkg 39c. 1 1 ib Canat 15c. ;rm farm / ', eter Zrickson visited at the aorgen | W~ t~lerland farm last Sunday with the | ~/ ql" tlons of buying some hay. | ~ ~.,~.~.~ T,,-~IF~ V e~tdlng bells are ringing in the| ~ .,..u Monarch Apple Butter! xxxxPdlsbury Flour! I , ..... m rhood: / Well . .. ....... l unbrtte Cleaner! t1rod Hans Fogs were Sunday vim- ) ........ Monarch ApCe ut r, t pound + o=., While Lhus Carlnad hd t I 1 at the Carl Harmon home. { A niece of printed matter I I ar .............................. I5 t .ns tor Z5c. i w~th~'l~h~rd~elsOlsn mad George Rud yam-" |/ ...... " y aBe en .... 31 I 98 lbs for $6.75 . w~n our st z~ In your I and Peter Erieksen on , "-" c. Per Jar , PERSONAL representa. evening last. [ .. -- " ' ~e t~ve wherever ~ may ~e k Ness, an old time friend of| ~sem, a,,~ved at ~,e ,at,+r's' fou.d. I gU ! tess V,count ii11 last Friday for a several weeks/ Surely then, the best is none Cream of Barley! 1 0per cent Matt / too good. ,,,+..o,.o.~+o~.o,,,++=,., +++.~.+.,.o.w,,o~w. tm I ~" ~'~." guaran your +a,isfa io. 19c Per P { We are giving a discount of 10 II .s ....................... , .......... I We have just re- I per cent on our two best grades !| otatoes to Bagley last Tuesday. | w~n our prating, ,UAL"pillthe I,dependents large list of|. "Qua"tr,s the wa~h+o~ Cream of Rice! I i tl subscribers. / here all the time---whether ceived a large ship- of Cotton Mattresses for the next Nn 1 / We solicit printing from the 16e per Pkg of sugar. 10 days. . ~vo ~. ] merchant and farmer who ~ontinued from first page, col 1) / want the best workmanship. public ownershlp [ r~mcnv, n.nt touauo ofl BAGLEY BAGLEY !~ for considerable ~tilitiea and~ natural x~sources does i rptRill(:t~o rUDLIOHIN~ bu, ~ MINN. +!~ appear arouse as much fear as / TeL No. 64 Ba-le-, Minn. MINN. )~ _tr~.lmading victory of the Nonpar-/ * " ii ,mq~m la Mimm~ta does ~r~.