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June 5, 2013     Farmers Independent
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June 5, 2013

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013 i FARMERS INDEPENDENT, Bale, Minnesota - Pae 8 Washington mourns loss Two prime minist00s C. of tea party queen Following the hacking death of:i"Bh soldier by two alleged Islamic extr, Say it ain&apos;t so. There has never been a sadder Prime Minister David Cameron sai. :' day in Ameriean politics, is nothing in Islam that justifies :i Political reporters are still in shock over dreadful act." ;::,, Miehele Bachmann's sudden announcement Winston Churchill thought otheiCvi that she will not seek re-election to Congress. .  ........ .... , hved m a tune before polmcal correi How dare she just up and walk away? What are ,'- amok and drew on his personal e we going to do now for laughs? It's not fair. Our , serving in the Sudan and in the C primary source to prove the absurdity of politics !i In his i 899 book"The River !. i in general, and the fecklessness of today's described what he witne.f-es Republican Party in particular, has suddenly where Islam ruled: "Individtia'l]osle'rhs may disappeared. At least for now. show splendid qualities, but the influence of Some pundits are even comparing it to _ the religion paralyzes the social development Richard Nixon's 1962 shocker, when he told  of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde reporters: "You won't have Nixon to kick ) force exists in the world. Far from being around anymore because, gentlemen, this is my - moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and last press conference." Except this is worse, proselytizing faith." Nixon actually accomplished a lot of good Churchill said only Christianity had stuff. In her three terms in Congress, Bachmann Towards Zero sheltered Europe and were it not for that faith, has accomplished absolutely nothing. Politico Steve "the civilization of modem Europe might fall, reports she "has never had a bill or resolution Browne as fell the civilization of ancient Rome." she's sponsored signed into law." Deaths Independent Given the secular conditi0 of modem Indeed, the real story about Bachmann's Writer Europe and the huge/i infl!:!0 radical political career is not that it's ending so soon. Copyngh, 201Z Muslims, many of whom e rith them Steve Browne It's that it lasted as long as it did. One of the By Steve Browne people whose baby he killed earthly agendas, whichprime minister is more wackiest people ever to serve in Congress, I was strongly tempted in the face. credible? she'll be remembered only as a politician to feel sorry for myself last Towards Zero Deaths is The second thing that One of the men arested in London spoke who didn't care what she said, as long as she week, that most detestable a program now in its 10th hits you is, all of these of his motivation: "e only reason we have generated a headline. You can credit Mother and unattractive of moods, year in Minnesota that has factors are within someone's killed this man't0day is because Muslims are Jones for capturing some of her more outrageous I was having single dad the simple goal of reducing control. The effect of road dying daily by British soldiers." ..>i: :,.,< ' comments. What Westerners istruggle t q!:gU t is In 2008, she told MSNBC's Chris Matthews problems. My little girl is six roadway fatalities and serious and weather conditions on and I still have no idea how to injuries, fatality rates is minimal, how to distinguishIslamists:rate about candidate Barack Obama: "I'm very buy clothes for her. She has Zero deaths is, of course, When they are contributing Muslims and hov' ' !r/0..eitre concerned that he may have anti-American lovely thick curly hair that a target no one realistically factors, it's likely speed is a Islamlst when they artlve us views." She added in 2009: "I wish the becomes a tangled rats' nest at expects to achieve. The more significant factor, about their radical beliefs. American media would take a great look at the the slightest provocation, idea is to keep hammering And while you can't Adocumentary released last fall, but largely views of the people in Congress and find out if "Uh Honey, can you I away at reducing fatalities to control the behavior of ignored, might be a useful guide. It's called they are pro-America or anti-America." Against dunno, do something about approach the ideal as closely other idiots on the road, you "Jihad in America: The Grand Deception." proposed cap-and-trade legislation that same year, Baehmann called for armed resistance: "I that?" as possible, can buckle up. Almost half The film by the Investigative Project on OK, call it trivial but to me The approach is multi- of roadway fatalities are Terrorism (IPT), (, want peopleofMiunesotaarmedanddangerous it brings a dark foreboding disciplinary, involvihg among unbuckled vehicle exposes the tangled web of Islamic front on this issue ofthe energy tax because we need to of future problems down the what they call the four 'E's: occupants, groups in America that are backed by the fight back." She has also warned that the Census road. education, enforcement, Behavior is notoriously radical Muslim Brotherhood. could lead to a new round of internment camps, On Wednesday I was told emergency medical services, difficult to change, and a The documentary reveals how these groups accused President Obama of moving toward a I'm going to be spending a lot and engineering, great many experiments have penetrated the highest levels of American "global currency," declared that Obamacare of quality time with the dentist My impression is highway changing behavior have government and culture. Zuhdi Jasser, who eould lead to abortion field trips for l3-year-old this summer. And when we're engineering has advanced had either no results or heads the American Islamic Forum for girls, charged that the human papillomavirus talking about dental work, to the point that further counterproductive results. Democracy, says, "Their dream is the creation vaccine causes mental retardation and credited "spend" is no idle metaphor, improvements are few and Consider Prohibition. of an Islamic state ... their strategy inAmerica our Founding Fathers on working tirelessly Oh woe is me! far between. The latest was Nonetheless, public is to use America's freed0m.and liberties in until there was no more slavery in this country,, Then on Thursday I spent rumble strips which are a behaviors have changed in order to achieve thatdream." The same might which must have come as news to Thomas the day in Redwood Falls great idea, but expensive to significant ways. Consider be said of Britain. : . Jefferson. But my favorite Bachmann moment coveting the southwest implement, littering or smoking. Douglas Farah, former West Africa bure came when she congratulated the residents of " New Hampshire for the shots tired at Lexington regional Towards Zero Deaths Emergencymedicalservices Enforcement is part of chief for The Washington Post, says, 'qt conference, have made great advances, the solution. But, the vast doesn't matter what we say about them. It and Concord. I interviewed Heather Interestingly, a recent majority of road travel is matters tremendously what they say about Let's just say she was more interested in ), ,. Bigler, whose five-month- important advance was not unobserved - and reckless themselves and to each other. _  making a point than in telling the truth. In fact, old son was killed by a drunk in medical technology, but in drivers know this. It was what they say about themsifl Bill Adair, editor of PolitiFaet, told Minnesota driver. I listened to Carol information/communications Education would seem about their gos that is most revn Public Radio that he had never researched a Iverson's story. She lost her technology that facilitates the to be the point at which the film, th late:,Il.&hrned of the Islamic Bachmann quote and found it to be true. She mother-in-law, sister-in-law, information hand-off from the behavior can be changed, but Society of Noah/lPida'iS. s: '''I find there is the only politician to earn that dubious and eight-year-oldniece when EMT's to emergency room how effective is it? are only tWo tigtire"dpefi, to our distinction. And now consider this: For a while, Michele a perfectly sober teen got staff. Katie Fleming, aresearcher movements: ballot or bullet, nothing in really into the tunes blaring But emergency medicine at the state Department of between." BachmannwasaseriousRepublicanpresidential from his radio and drifted is about damage control. Transportation, showed me In "The Grand Deception," Amir Abdel candidate. ShewontheAmesStrawPollin2011. across two lanes of traffic into Prevention is where progress a statistical graph that made Malik Ali of the Islamic Circle of North By most accounts, she won the first Republican oncoming traffic, has to be made to have my eyes pop out. America, speaking at a 2003 event in primary debate. At one time, she led the polls. I heard God speaking any significant effect. And The graphs showed Philadelphia said, "Democracy does not equal She is one of the top fundraisers in Congress, through them. And what He prevention is about changing roadway deaths by year freedom. No, we do not want to democratize having amassed $14.4 million to win a fourth said was, "QUIT WHINING! behavior, the big problem, from 1994 to the present. Islam. We want (to) Islamize democracy." term in Congress. She's the founder of the YOU'RE TICKING ME When you look at the In 2003, the year TZD was And Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former Congressional Tea Party Caucus. And she gave OFF!" statistics on the causes of implemented, there were 665 Muslim militant, offered, "Ultimately the the tea party response to President Obama's I prayed, "Please Lord, roadway fatalities, what really roadway deaths. Muslim Brotherhood wants to establish 2011 State of the Union address. spare me this and I won't leaps out at you is first, the The number has declined an Islamic state in America. They believe Indeed, her starring role in politics says more complain about anything else vast majority involve four steadily, with some bobbles, that Western civilization is corrupt, evil, is about today's Republican Party than it does you care to throw at me." factors either singly or in to 395 in 2012. If the trend decadent and they want to dismantle it." about Michele Bachmann. Small wonder that More than anything else, I combination, line in 2003 had continued, Former FBI special agent Robert Stauffer former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole this don't want to be those people, They are: alcohol/ that should have been about headed an investigationinthe 1980s of Muslim week suggested the party should put up a sign as nice as they are. Nearly as chemically impaired drivers, 700 deaths. Brotherhood finances, according to the film's reading "Closed for Repairs." He echoes both Newt Gingrich's complaint that the Republican much I don't want to be that inattentive drivers, speeding Steve blogs at narrator. Stauffer discovered that the Islamic establishment is "mired in stupidity" and the guy, now serving a four-year and unbuckled drivers and Society of North America, another Muslim Republican Party's own "autopsy," issued in sentence, who had to look the passengers. Brotherhood front located outside Plainfield, Ind., had received "Millions and millions of March, which described the party as "narrow- Steve Browne is an award-winning reporter and columnist who entered journalism by accident while living and minded" and "out of touch." The party will working in Eastern Europe from 1991 to 2004. He is the author of two books for English students: "Word Pictures: dollars" through its North American Islamic English as it is REALLY Used," published in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and Novosibirsk, Russia, and "English Linguistic Trust, which, he says, "served as a financial never be taken seriously again as long as it Humor: Puns, Play on Words, Spoonerisms, and Shaggy Dog Stories." In 1997 he was elected an Honorary Member holding company for Muslim Brotherhood- continues putting forth clowns like Michele of the Yugoslav Movement for the Protection of Human Rights. He is currently living in his native Midwest, which he related groups." The money, he says, was Baehmann, Herman Cain, Christine O'Dounell considers "the most interesting foreign country I have ever lived in." wired into the United States from Islamic and Sarah Palin. Can't they find somebody sane countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, to run? True to form, and clueless to the end, Michele Architect of U S. decline Kuwait, Afghanistan, Egypt, Malaysia and Libya. Bachmann insists that her decision not to seek Much of this was prior to Sept. 11, but re-election has nothing to do with the fact that To the editor: the foundation of his> attae onAmerieans .... given the existence and growth of Muslim she's already behind in the polls and under I thought your readers might find the Have we ever heardObamaspeaklovinglyof student associations on American college investigation for alleged campaign finance following essay excerpts interesting. They the U.S. or its people? Has h* expressed a degp. (the documentary says there are 40 violations by the Oflice ofCongressional Ethics, come from an article written by Maureeq ttppreciationandgenuinerespectforourhistory, SueKgroups) and other Muslim organizations, the Federal Election Commission, the Iowa Scott of Richmond, Vs., and published in th "our customs, our sufferings and our blessings, the rfiOney must still be available. Senate Ethics Committee and the FBI. But, of June 2013 issue of"Military" magazine..:,. and what those have meant to him?... The British and Americans can listen to course, why should we expect her to start telling H.A. Lars0fi Away from our country, as a young boy, politicians who aid and abet the advance of the truth now? . Bagle'. ,bama didn't delight in being part of America radical Islam, or they can heed the words of One thing's for sure. Like Richard Nixon, we Obama appears to be a tormented  d its greatness. He didn't Sing our patriotic Sayyid Syeed, director of the Islamic Society haven't seen the last ofMichele Bachmann. The who is filled with resentment, anger an( '.'solags in kindergarten, pledge allegiance to our of North America. Film footage shows Syeed only question is: How long before she's hired disdain for most Amenc  nd anyone wh( flag, stand onrpJsd f,.,a holiday parade, speaking in Chicago in 2006. He said, Our job by Fox News? cannot further hs agent. It s obvious that. eat a hot dog,;areh/ial pla to a band is to change the Constitution of America." (Bill Press is host of a nationally-syndicated he is always discontented with our coun playing "The ia)ad ripes Foter... ?- The British might want to re-visit Churchill. radio show, the host of"Full Court Press" on and harbors a deep bitterness toward the;i Obama was-' Sarated>ifrom all these Americans should watch the documentary Current TV and the author of a new book, "The people of the land of the free, feelings that I i experiences. He dofisB t really understand us, (http://www, Obama Hate Machine," which is available in were instilled in him by family members, and what it means to be an American.... grand-deception/dp/bOO9s93gqe). kstores now You can hear "The Bill Press ............ (Readers may e-mail Cal Thomas at ,o , .... " .......... ann mentors WhO aalmtteniy oetesteo our Obama wants to change us,becaise he doe . . ,nw at ms wense" mnpresssnow com ms ............ : ..-,; ..... . . " . " " ,,rnencan nlestyte. ms. nmemess has', not know or like us. Tlirotighout his life he [ddress is bdl@bdlpress com ) at : " " " become the hallmarkof his presidency and, specifically ass  wi?those who envied " ....... our greatness devalue the "',;. ::" ''"" " and he allowed ,,',peoi)le to form his INDEPEND]00NT.-00 opinionsofAmerica,.... Write Published every Wednesday at Bagley, Clearwater County, Minnesota Rather than do things to create harmony and - LISPS 1/-720 Periodical Postage paid at Post Office, Bagley, MN 56621 accord, Obama focuses on causing dissention, By FAR_MERS PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. P.O. Box 130- nagley, MN 56621 unrest, fear and anxiety among the citizens of Subscription rates: S26 a year in these towns: Bagley, Clearbrook. Gonviek, Leonard, Pinewood, this country. He delights in telling Americans a Shevlin. ($14.00 six months); $30.00 a year or $16 for six months in these towns: Fosston, Gully, Lako Itasca, Lengby, Solway, Trail. All other locations (in USA) $38.00 a year ($20 for six months), that they can't be anything without help from Snowbirds: Add $5.00 per year for those in local area who travel south for the winter (those heading the government in order to strip away their south who do not subscribe as "snowbirds" will have regular subscription shortened by one month to mnke up for differac in postag); student 9 - month rate is $28.00. letter to The Publisher shall not be liable for slight changes and typographical errors that do not lessen the Member confidence and faith in themselves and in God. valuoofaadvm, tisment. The Publisher's liability for other errorsor omissions in eonnoction with an advertisement is strictly limitedto Concurrently, he faults the efforts of those who publieationoftheadvertisantinany subsequent issue or the refund of any moniespaid for the advertisement. The Publisher ...... have succeeded while he nurtures a feeling of the right to rejoct any adverllsement. This newspaper isprinteaon recyclednewsprint, jealousy among those who have not- always the editor! Thomas Burford Manager/Editor- AdeUne Nelson Mailroom with the goal to divide rather than to unite us Ciertllartm .... AdCompositor (even though he was presented to us as the Tricia Mathin -- Production. Teresa Olon -- Bookkeeper. Karen Edelbach -- Typesetter/Reporter "Great Uniter.")... BOARD OF DIRECTORS: - Darol Melby -- President * Tamara Edevold -- Vice President * Jim Michel -- Secretary/Treasuer Diretort: Tom Larson, Mary Hayes, Ted OIson and Sherry Rettmann He thrives on tearing us down and has no interest in building us up. He is the epitome of THE MISSION OF THE FARMERS INDEPENDENT: a demagogue and should be remembered for To constantly strive for excellence and integrity in serving a growing community with local news. being the architect of the decline of America.