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July 21, 2010     Farmers Independent
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July 21, 2010

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Wednesday, July 21 2010 FARMERS INDEPENDENT, Bagley, Minnesota - Page 15 dUNE 8, 2010 Halvorson to hire another part- Motion was made by Edevold PUBLIC UTILITIES The Bagley City Council met in time Officer. Seconded by Michel, to pass Resolution #19-10 and COMMISSION STATE OF regular session on June 8, 2010 at passed unanimously. #21-10 AUTHORIZATION MINNESOTA 6 p.m., in the Bagley City Council Park Board - Doug Lindgren. " TO EXECUTE MINNESOTA JUNE 16, 2010 Chambers. Swimming beach ropes and rafts DEPARTMENT OF The Bagley City Council and COUNTY OF Present:MayorJohnSutherland, have been put in the lake by the TRANSPORTATION GRANT the Bagley Public Utilities met in CLEARWATER Council Members Wendy Street Department. Amanda AGREEMENT FOR AIRPORT a special joint session on June 16, LaRoque, David A. Anderson,Grover has asked to put a snow IMPROVEMENT EXCLUDING 2010 at 6 p.m. in the City Council DISTRICT COURT Sidney Michel, Mark Edevold, cone machine in the City Park LAND ACQUISITION. SecondedChambers. PROBATE DIVISION, and Clerk Treasurer Colleen R. while she is camping there from by LaRoque, passed unanimously. Present for the Council were Lindgren. June 14t~ to July @. Shehas spoken Library Repairs - Masterson Mayor John Sutherland, Council NINTH JUDICIAL Also present: Mike Jensen, Bill to most of the Board members has looked into the cement work Members Sidney Michel, Wendy DISTRICT Masterson, Police Chief Darin and they feel that it is a good idea on the step and ramp. Motion LaRoque, David G. Anderson, Halvorson, Doug Lindgren, Paul because it brings more items down was made by Edevold to have Mark Edevold and Clerk Treasurer Court File No. 15-PR-10-376 Zabinski, Dwight Nelson, and to the park. Someone who would Masterson repair the concrete at Colleen R. Lindgren. In Re: Estate of Engineer John McMann from like to bring in a popcom standhas a cost of $1,000 or less. Seconded Present for the Public Utilities PETER E. BARNES Karvakko Engineering. also contacted them. They do have by Anderson, passed unanimously, were Chairman Mark Edevold, Motion was made by LaRoque a problem with where they will be A quote was received from Don Members Andy SimmonsJUDITH E. BARNES a/Ida to approve the minutes from May located and whether or not they Friborg to paint the back room and Doug Lindgren, Utilities JUDITH A. BARNES 11, 2010 as written. Seconded by should have a concession permit, inside the library. Motion was Department Manager Mike Jensen MARGARET LUCILE Michel, passed unanimously. Council asked if Grover has a food made by~Edevold to have Friborg and Utilities Office Manager Vicki BALLOWE Paul Zabinski, representing license. Anderson stated that in the paint the loom at a cost of $320 00 Fletcher. Total Registers, was present to past, Council Members had said plus if a second coat is needed at Also present was City Auditor a/k/a LUCILLE BALLOWE update the Council on the new that if you let one in you should $60.00 mere. Seconded byMichel, Sandy Nelson from Miller DECEDENT cash register system for the Liquor let more in. He would not like to passed unanimously. McDonald. Store. Explanation of the system see concession stands taking up Discussion was held on the TIF The Public Utilities 2009 Audit NOTICE AND ORDER OF was given, camping spots. Edevold would Agreement with Allen Potvin's was gone over by the City Auditor Clerk opened the sealed bids on like to see a fee put on. Lindgren Cornerstone Residence. Clerk and the Board members. Motion HEARING ON PETITION the city vehicles, said that the Board would like read a loiter from MINNWEST was made by Simmons to accept FOR DESCENT OF Gene Warren - 1999 Ford permission to allow the stand. BANK concerning the payments the 2009 Audit as presented. PROPERTY - $620.00. Nick Moser - 1999 LaRoque stated that location is a to contractors on the project. Seconded by Lindgren, passed A Petition for Determination of Ford - $300.88 and 2000 Ford - problem; she would rather see it This was the last step needed unanimously. Descent has been filed with this $250.79. Nell Dolan - 2000 Ford in the beach area. Michel has the for the Tax Increment Financing Motion was made by Simmons - $101.00; 1999 Ford - $101.00; problem with it because there are Agreement. Motion was madeto adjourn the Utility Board Court. The Petition represents that and 1995 Chevy Blazer $651.00. businesses that sell this stuff and by Edevold to approve the TIF members. Seconded by Lindgren, the Decedent died more than three Dan Ekre- 2000 Ford- $150.00; they pay taxes. This one would Development Agreement by and passed unanimously, years ago, leaving property In 1995 Chevy Blazer - $225.00 only pay a small fee. Anderson between the City Of Bagley and The City of Bagley 2009 Minnesotaandrequeststheprobate of Decedent's last will, if any, and and 1986 Buick - $50.00. Steve would like to see the stand down Cornerstone Residence of Bagley, Audit was gone over by the City Leavitt - 2000 Ford - $350.00; there but feels she should have Inc. Seconded by LaRoque, passed Auditor and Council Members. the descent of such property be determined and assigned by this 1999 Ford - $600.00; 1995 Chevy a permit with a minimal fee and unanimously. An explanation was given on Blazer $600.00 and 1986 Buick which includes a food license and Motion was made by Anderson the property taxes and special Court to the persons entitled to the - $400.00. Joe DeMarco - 2000 general liability insurance. Motion to appoint Election Judgesassessments, property. Ford - $101.90. was made by Edevold to create a for 2010 as presented: Alice Auditor feels that the Liquor Any objections to the Petition must be filed with the Court Motion was made by Edevold to permitforFoodVendorsattheCity Gunderson-Head Judge, Lorraine Store Manager needs to raise accept the bid of Steve Leavitt on Park, allow up to three permits at Brustad, Lou Ellen Christensen, prices in the liquor store in order prior to or raised at the hearing. If proper and no objections are the 2000 Ford Crown Victoria for any given time in the park, $25.00 Kay D. Peterson, Sylvia Larson, to get the profit margin up. $350.00. Seconded by Anderson, fee, and applicants must have a Dianne Nowacki, Ruby Bergquist, General Government cash flow filed or raised, the Petition may be passed unanimously. Motion was food vendor's license with general and Terry Swenson. Seconded by looks excellent, granted. made by Anderson to accept the liability insurance. Non-profit Michel, passed unanimously. Motion was made by Anderson IT IS ORDERED and Notice is further given, that the Petition will bid of Gene Warren on the 1999 entities involved in a special event Motion was made by Edevoldto accept the 2009 Audit as Ford Crown Victoria for $620.00. in the park do not need a permit, to pay the Judges $10.00 per hour presented., Seconded by LaRoque, Seconded by LaRoque, passed Seconded by Anderson. For:and provide noon and supper passed unanimously. unanimously. Motion was made Edevold, Anderson, LaRoque. meals. Seconded byMichel, Motion was made by Edevold by Edevold to accept the bid of Against: Michel. Motion carried, passed unanimously, to adjourn. Seconded by Michel, Nell Dolan on the 1995 Chevrolet Roads & Bridges Bill Motion was made by Edevold passed unanimously. Blazer for $651.00. Seconded by Masterson. Masterson reported to amend and accept Resolution LaRoque, passed unanimously, on what the department has been #20-10 ACCEPTANCE OF John Sutherland, Mayor Motion was made by Anderson to doing. Grader is running but he DONATIONS. Seconded by ATTEST: accept the bid of Steve Leavitt on can't get the tractor running. Michel, passed unanimously. Colleen R. Lindgren, CMC the1986 Buick for $400.00. Michel told Masterson that he and Amendment is to add another City Clerk Treasurer Quotes were reviewed for a new his crew did an excellent job on name onto the list of donors for Jy21 cooling condensing unit for the getting everything done before the flower baskets. Liquor Store. First quote was from Holiday. Flowers have been hung Due to Election Primaries, the Naylor Electric in the amount of on the street light poles also. August Council meeting date will $3,965.00. Second quote was from Public Utilities - Mike Jensen. need to be changed. The August Neill's Plumbing & Heating in TelCom is starting up on the east meeting will now be held on the amount of $4,495.00. Motion side of town. MINOPS audit is in August 12~ at 6 p.m. was made by Michel to accept the July. Sewer pond dump is going on. City Council Canvassing Board quote of Naylor Electric in the There is a leak at the Elementary willmeetonNovember4~at7a.m. amount of $3,965.00. Seconded by Edevold, passed unanimously. Department Reports: Police Department-Chief Darin Halverson. Chief handed out a worksheet on figures for hiring of a fourth Officer through a COPS Grant. City wotdd need to put aside $1,450 per year to pay. for the fourth year. There would also be additional costs due to having a fourth squad car going. Grant School, which is being worked on. City Attorney Rasmussen is working on an easement for Mid Continental. Liquid Alum has been put on the ponds. City Hall Clerk Colleen Lindgren. Lindgren informed the Council that the grant application for the Arts & Culhtral Heritage grant has been denied. Engineer John McMann, from Karvakko Engineering was in the City Council Chambers. Board Reports: Michel would like the BIDC Board listed on the agenda under Board Reports so the Council can keep updated on what they are working on. Motion was made by Anderson to approve to pay the bills as listed to the Residents of the CITY OF SHEVLIN opened up on June 2nd and closes on the 1@. Michel feels that the Council would need to raise taxes to do the miscellaneous stuff plus to take on the fourth Officer, being the Council does not know where the funds will be coming from. Halvorson sees this as a stepping- stone to have the department go to a four-officer force. Edevold stated that he feels the Council should take advantage of the grant and put funds aside. Halvorson said that if the City gets hit hard on LGA or something drastic happens, the City has the option to file for a financial hardship. There is no guarantee that the City will get the grant. Motion was made by Edevold to pursue the COPS Grant. Seconded by Anderson. For: Edevold, Anderson, LaRoque. Against: Michel. Motion carried. Chief Halvorson asked permission to hire a second part- timer. The budget would not be affected but it Would give more flexibility on the work schedules. It would be sharing hours with the present part-timer. Motion was made by Anderson to allow Chief present to go over the bids on the airport projects. Engineer's recommendation is to accept the bid of Anderson Contracting, to do the under drain Project in the amount of$108,505.88. Engineer's recommendation on the Crack sealing Project is to accept the bid of Fahrner Asphalt Sealers with a bid of $21,580.00. Michel asked what the time line is. For the under drain Project they will be given 10 working days from when the grant funds are available to Sept. 15tb. Anderson would like to start in July. For the crack sealing project they have three days to complete the project before Sept. 15. After going over the bids, motion was made by Edevold to accept the bid of $108,505.88 from Anderson Contracting for the under drain Project at the airport. Seconded by LaRoque. For: Edevold, LaRoque, Anderson. Against: Michel. Motion carried. Motion was made by Edevold to approve the base bid from Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, the Alt. #1 bid and the Alt. #2 bid for a total of $21,580.00. Seconded by Michel, passed unanimously. Notice is hereby given that excluding the Utility bills for anyone intrested in fil~g, for. the Hockey Association and .~e ] ci~; offices in Shevlin may do Bagley Senior Center. Seconded I so Starting Tuesday, August 3, by Edevold, passed unanimously. 2010 to Tuesday, August 17, Edevold reported on the airport house. Chad Bonik has checked over the electrical and heating. The furnace is a 92% efficiency gas furnace. Ductwork is only 4 & 5 inches. Bonlk suggested getting rid of the baseboards. Windows are in good condition. Bonik will get prices for work to be done and bring back to the Council. The roof needs to be shingled but Edevold could not see any evidence of leakage. Upcoming Meetings - June 14, 6 p.m., Public Utilities Board June 1@, 6 p.m., City Audit meeting June 22"d, 6 p.m., Park Board Being:there was no further business to come before the JULY 5, 2010 The Bagley City Council met in special session on July 5, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. Present were Mayor John Sutherland, Council Members Mark Edevold, Sidney Michel, Wendy LaRoque, David G. Anderson, and City Clerk Colleen Lindgren. Also present were Park Board Members Jacki Merschman, Amanda Brnstad, Troy Jesness and Doug Lindgren. Meeting is being held to discuss the $10,000 grant application, which was put into the Twins Community Fund-Twins Fields for Kids. The City has gotten a letter back stating that the application was approved and the City will receive $10,000 for upgrades to the present City Ball Fields and the Frog Pond ball field, if they agree to match the funds and follow all stipulations on the Grant Agreement. Motion was made by Edevold to accept the Twins Grant in the amount of $10,000. Seconded by LaRoque, passed unanimously. Start date will be July 6~, 2010 and projected completion date will be between May and June of 2011. Clerk informed the Council that a news article is needed in the paper at this time and dedication ceremonies will need to be Council; [motion to adjourn was made by[Anderson. Seconded by Edevold,~10assed unanimously. '-John Sutherland, Mayor ATTEST: Colleen R. Lindgren, CMC City Clerk Treasurer Jy21c planned, the agrilime get ordered soon, and Jackie Merschman stated that D. Lindgren agreed. she feels that Amanda Brustad Discussion was held on the should be the point person on the purchase of agrilime. There are to project, being she wrote the grant, be two loads on the complex and Brustad also stated that she feels two on the "Frog Pond". Edevold that a project head is needed, made the motion that up to four Mayor Sutherland stated that the loads of agrilime be ordered at Park Board should get together a cost not to exceed a total of and bring their findings back to $2,000. Seconded by Michel, the Council. passed unanimously. Brnstad said that the main LaRoque thanked Amanda item would be the fencing for the Brustad for all the work she did in Frog Pond. She will get together writing the grant. with Troy Jesness, both are on the Motion to adjourn was made by Softball Assoc. Board, and figure Edevold. Seconded by Anderson, up something. They will then bring passed unanimously. it to their board for input, next the Park Board, and then the Council. John Sutherland, Mayor Edevold suggested that the Park Attest: Board might want to have a special Colleen R. Lindgren, CMC meeting to get things together for City Clerk Treasurer the Council. Michel suggested that Jy21c Bo ngel FREE 2-NIGHT VACATION! Donate Car Boat RV Motorcycle 1-800-227-2643 2010 at the home of the clerk. Offices to be elected are: Mayor - 4 year term City Council - 2 year term City Council - 4 year term City Clerk - 4 year term A $2.00 filing fee is required by law. Election will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Shevlin Town Hall located in the City of Shevlin. Marlys Hohler, Clerk City of Shevlin ACROSS I. Gives a fig 6. Recurring Woody Allen feeling 11. --Caps (Nestl6 brand) 14. Call off, in a way 15. Two-door auto 16. Soprano's boys 17. Item contemplated by Adstotle, in a painting 19. Broke fast 20. More intense, as a stare 21. Suitable for evening wear 23. Terhune dog 24. A Musketeer 25. Chicken's heart, e.g. 29. Online video source 32. Ohio rubber hub 33. Brett who was a Iongtime Packer 34. "Alley" 37. Vintner's sediment 38. Hobbes, in "Calvin and Hobbes" 39. Word before root or steak 40. High bond rating 41. Dish with onions 42. Pi, for one 43. Ruby of "42nd Street" 45. Mad cdtter, in a saying 46. About half of these clues 48. US fighters, in WWI 49. Fdday signature line 51. Little Italy brew 56. Rat-a- 57. Foul-mouthed hoopster, e.g. 59. "Evita" role 60. Derby entrant I$1OIN lalNIn lul~lx ioisis ~l- illmm - INI=]IH wl~ i~i*iv iaioi, IOINIs MeJO ~apl~UM be heard on 8/11/2010 at 9:00 a.m. by this Court at Clearwater County Courthouse, Bagley, Minnesota 213 Main Avenue North, Dept #303, before the Honorable Robert D. Tiffany. (1) Notice shall be given to all interested persons (Minn. Stat. 524.1-401) and persons who have demand for notice pursuant to Minn. Stat. 524.3-204 (2) Notice shall be given by publishing the Notice and Order as provided by law and by: Mailing a copy of this Notice and Order at least 14 days prior to the hearing date. Dated: July 7, 2010 Robert D. Tiffany Judge Darlene Gerbracht Court Administrator Shaft Solberg Probate Registrar Attorney for Petitioner E.H. Rasmussen E.H. Rasmussen, Lawyer 119 Main Avenue North P.O. Box Q Bagley, MN 56621 (218) 694-6565 Attomey #89710 1y21e NOTICE OF FILING FOR CITY OF BAGLEY MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OFFICES MAYOR - 2 Year Term TWO COUNCIL MEMBERS - 4 Year Term The terms of Mayor John Sutherland, Council Members David G. Anderson and Wendy LaRoque are up on December 31, 2010. The first day to file for one of these offices with the City Clerk is Tuesday, August 3, 2010 and the last day to file is Tuesday, August 17, 2010 by 5 p.m. The filing fee is $2.00. The City Clerk's office is located at City Hall, 218 Main Ave. South in Bagley. Colleen R. Lindgren, CMC J?21e City Clerk Treasurer CANCEL NOTICE Clearwater County Township Association Meeting The meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 27, 2010 HAS CANCELLED! The next meeting is scheduled for October 26, 2010. ly21c BEEN Bonnie Engen, Sec./Treasurer Clearwater County Township Association Classified ads submitted in hand writing or with misspelled words are subject to the typesetter's interpretation. FARMERS INDEPEHDENT & CLEARWATER SHOPPER Wrecking Crew 14 17 !0 .~5 26 ~.8 ~2 37 I0 ~,4 t6 47 ;9 56 -- --.------d 59 52 American Profile Hometown Content 35 36 54 55 7/18/2010 61. "Crazy" singer 10. Penthouse 41. Basutoland, Patsy amenity today 62. Kramden guffaw 11. "All Star" band 42. Bend with a syllable 12. "On the contraryl" pdsm 63. " a Grecian 13. Does as told 44. Env. stuffer Urn" 18. Via Veneto car45. Had a bawl 64. Looks after 22. LAX info 46. Deep-six 25. Big bash 47. Cornhusker State DO~/N 26. Build-it-yourself city 1. Street fleet chain 48. Visibly terdfied 2. Touch on 27. Protection from 50. Cattle zapper 3. Climbed the ranks shore erosion 51. Flying "A" 4. Harper's Bazaar 28. __ Cabos, Mexico competitor, once illustrator 29. Visit the $2 52. "Legally Blonde" 5. Fruity German window, say role bread 30. "Did you ?" 53. Potato appetizer 6. Needed Tylenol, 31. "It's c-c-cold!" 54. Put on cloud nine say 33. Quitting time for 55. Prospectors' 7. Jordan's Queen many finds 35. Big Apple award 58. "You __ There" 8. P-'-opular treat in a 36. Lowly laborer pack of baseball 38. Up to, colloquially cards, once 39. Persian or 9. Floored it Siamese i