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September 5, 1929     Farmers Independent
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September 5, 1929

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AGREEMENt'. REPRODUCTION. DISSEMINATION. ~TORAGE. DISTRIBUTION PEOHIBITED. THE FARI~ERS' INDEPENDENT, BAGLEY, Clearwater Cou4y, MINN. THURSDAY, -' P'rlnciple o[ Lever Dated August 26th, A. D. 1929. of November 1929, at Two o'clock P, lurer at the time of sale. The unpaid' Huma.rl RRce J.E. HUDSPETH, M., lathe Probate CourtRooms at balance is payable at any time in ~~" ROFESS[0NAL D I R~]C Old as Judge of Probate.the Court House at Bagley, in said whole or in part within forty years ! According to the time-honored yarn, tO" E. LEWIS, Esq., Attorney. County, be, anti the same hereby is, from the date of sale, interest rate of !which used to be and maybe yet is]Bagley, Minn.(au29sep12) I fixed and appointed as the time anti four per cent per annum due on June !found in our school readers, tile in ~ . place for hearing upon and the exam- 1st, of each year; provided, that the I ination, adjustment and allowance of interest can be paid at any time with- ~ee B--a ~ey ~ees~-au r-~n t h~ ~ iventor of the lever was our old friend [ BANKRUPT'S PETITION FOR such claims as shall be presented in the interest year without penalty. Archimedes. This is the same chap DISCHARGE !who is also reputed to have Jumped In the District Court of the United within the time aforesaid. In effect, this means that the interest Mrs. Inga Emigh, Owner .out of his bathtub. "as is." and run States. for the Sixth Division, Dis- Let notice hereof be given by tile money may be paid any time between MEALS and QUICK LUNCHES publication of this order in the Farm- June first and May thirty-first with- Bagley, ~down the main street of Athens. or rict of Minnesota. No. 3618. era' Independent, a newspaper pub- out penalty. At Reasonable Rates [wherever it was, yelling "Eureka!" In the Matter of Axel E. Johnson, lAshed at Bagley, Minnesota as pro-] The appraised value of timber when Opposite Motor Inn Bagley J vided bv law. " so stated, must be paid in full at the {until stopped by the police, because Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy. eweler :he had Just worked out the correct To the Honorable Waiter H. Sanborn, Date(i August 20th, 1929. time of sale. idope about specific gravity. The Judge of the District Court of the J.E. HUDSPETH, All mineral rights are reserved to ~bathtub yarn may stick around for a United States for the ~xth Division, (Court Seal) Judge of Probate Court. the State b v the laws of the State. Baghy bray Line District of Minnesota. GEORGE E. 'while. butdn the interest vf truth we Axel E. Johnson, of Gonvick, in the George E. Ericson, I All lands" are sold subject to any CHBIST HELSETH, Propr. larD compelled to thaw the lever story County of Clearwater and State of Attorney for Estate, antt all ditch taxes thereon.Promvt Service; C~reful Handling tlnto the garbage can, for nobody Iv Minnesota in said District, respect- Bagley, Minn. (aug22-sep5)I Lands on which the interest has be- Phone No. 91 Attorney and lvented the lever, fully represents: ,,~ . come delinquent may be redeemed at , The reason why nobody invented That on the 19th day of September, CITATION FOR HEARING any time up to the hour of sale or be- Bagley, Minn. levers is that they were here. there 1928, last passed, he was duly a(tjud- PETITION TO SELL LAND I fore resale, to the actual purchaser. Bagley, ged bankrupt under the Acts of Con- Such lands are listed under the cap- ,and everywhere hmg before any of us lhad brains enongl~ to invent anything gress relating to bankruptcy; that he STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of tidE: M L lwhatever. We used levers, and do i! has duly surrendered all his property Clearwater, In Probate Court: "Delinquent Lamls." oney to dan No person can purchase more than tnow, before acquiring any knowledge anti rights of property, and has fully In "the Matter of the Estate of Jens 320 acres of land, provided, however, complied with all the requirements of P. Norlie. If you desire to loan fer the par- of them. said Acts and of the orders of the The State of Minnesota to P. G. that State lands purchased previous to chase of dairy cows or a registered |otheU. S. Literally all of as are full of levers, court touching his bankruptcy. Norley, Ida Mathison anti Emmit Nor- 1905 are not charged against such par- .So also are all the animals big enough Wherefore he prays that he may be ley, and all persons interested in the chaser, sire, call or see me for the long to be seen--certalnly all the animals decreed by the court to have a full sale of certain lands belonging to said Agents acting for purchasers must time loan and low rate interest. OblizatloQistheAmeriCanWrite [o we ordinarily know about. Each of discharge from all debts provable Jens P. Norlie, The petition of S. M. furnish affidavit of authority. We can fill your needs. Repre- iater~tedla;*ame us has a handful of levers at the end against his estate under said Bankrupt Bugge as representative of the above Appraisers' report showing quality of each arm. itself a most efficient Acts, except such debts as are except- named Estate, being duly filed in this and kind of soil are on file in thissentative for the Agricultural Cre- ~MEIIOA[[ arrangement of Levers, and lira same ed by law from such discharge, court, representing that it is neces- office, dit Corporation. You may write me applies to each foot and leg. Be~ldes Dated this 25th (lay of February, A. sary and for the best interests of said Lists giving legal descriptions of at either Clearbrook or Bagley or thqse we have various and sundry D., 1929. estate and of all interested therein lands to be offered may be obtained of Phone 22R5. When in Bemid Axel E. Johnson, Bankrupt. that certain lands of said decedent the State Auditor at St. Paul, and of THIRD other levers, too numerous for men Order of Notice Thereondescribed therein be sold and praying the County Auditor at the county seat. A.A. Land and tide here. at all sorts of unexpected District of Minnesota, as: that a license be to him granted to sell RAY P. CItASE, State Auditor. European Plan; places in our frames. A pair of in On this 29th day of August A. D. the same: aug29-sept19 Outside dispensable levers are those of our 1929, on reading the foregoing peti- NOW THEREFORE, you, and each I lower Jaw, and very efficient levers tidE, it is NOTICE OF MORTGAGE I Open Day at that. Ordered by the Court that a hearing of you, are hereby cited and required P.C. BJ0RNEBY, M. D, Telephone to show cause, if any you have, before FORECLOS~URE SALE Our bodily levers, however, are all be had up0~the same on the 9th Nay this court, at the Probate Court Rooms Notice is hereby glven that default PHYSICIAN and SURGEON of the first and third classes and we of November,'%~. _~. 1929 before sai~l in the Court House, in Village of Bag- has occurred in the conditions of that Office over C~mmunity Drug Stor,, DR. R. n. iack good examples of those of the Court, at St. Pa~t~n said District, at ley, County of Clearwater, State of certain mortgage, dated the 13th day second class. This doesn't help Archl ten o'clock in the'~renoon; and that Minnesota, on the 23rd (lay of Sep- of November, 1917, executed by Sarah Phone 22 and 72-0-2 Dentist' medea any, for the very first prehis notice be published in the Bagley In- tember, 1929, at 2 o'clock P. M., why E. Watkins and Samuel Watkins, her Bagley, Minnesota dependent, a newspaper printed in,the prayer of said petition should not husband, as mortgagors, to the Federal Office torlc man who turned a turtle over said District, and that all known cred- be granted. Lamt Bank of Saint Paul, a body cor- First National on its hack with a stick or pried , itors anti other persons in interest Witness the Judge of said Court, pore(e, of the City of St. Paul, County flat rock out of the dirt had it all may appear at the same time and anti the seal of said court, this 20th of Ramsey, State of Minnesota, as 0. E. LEWIS Bagl*y, worked out.--Kansas City Star. place and show cause, if any they day of August, 1929. mortgagee, filed for record in the of- have, why the prayer of said petition- (Seal) J.E. HUDSPETH, fice of the Register of Deeds in and Lawyer CITY 01L Modernized. er should not be granted. (au29sep12Judge of Probate Court for Clearwater County, Minnesota, on "We'd like to have you stay for din- Anti it is further ordered bv the the 22nd day of November, A. D. 1917 her with us tf you are content to take Court, that the Clerk shall send by Now 0 mail to all known creditors of said pet- DER LIMITING TIME TO FILE at 5:00 o'clock P. M., recorded in Book COUNTY ATTORNEY, Clearwater pot luck," said the wife, cordially, ition and this order, addressed to them CLAIMS, AND FOR HEARING 3 of Mortgages on Page 20 thereof, in "You mean can luck, my dear." at their places of residence as stated. THEREON that that certain installment of Thir- County With All New ty and no-100 Dollars ($30.00), prin- Office We Handle WHITE murmured her husband. Witness the Honorable William A. STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of cipal and interest due May 13, 1928, Cant, Judge of said Court, anti the Clearwater, as. In Probate. Court. remains unpaid; and further that the In Pederson Block and OIL and WHY - seal thereof, at Fergus Falls in said In the Matter of the Estate of insurance premium was not paid by Venice Is Known aS"Bride of District, on the 29th day of AugustLouis Lind, Decedent. the mortgagors and was permitted to BAGLEY, MINNESOTA A. D. 1929. Letters of Administration this ,lay become delinquent; that on the failure DR. W. C" the Sea." (Seal of the Court) having been granted to Rudolph of said mortgagors to pay such insur- Venice is called the Bride of the JOEL M. DICKEY, Clerk. Liend. ante the sum of Five and 30-100 Dol ..... I Sea from the medieval ceremony By Frances V. Levorsen, IT IS ORDERED, That the time lars ($5.30) was paid; Dentist know as the "umrriage of the hdri- Deputy Clerk. within which all creditors of the above that pursuant to the provisions of said Drs. Oarlock & Oarlock attc." during which the doge threw a - - . , named decedent may present claims mortgage, said mortgagee has elected Office Over ring into the Adriatic. saying. "We NOTICE OF CANCELLATION against his estate in this Court, b:o to declare the whole debt secured wed thee. O sea. in token of perl,etaal of Contract No. 1302 anti the same hereby is, limited thereby to be now due anti payable; Eye - Ear - Nose. Throat Bagley, and there is due and payable at the Office Hours: 9 a. ~tominatlon. A procession of ~ou. date of this notice upon the debt se- doles, led by the doge in his Slate cured by said mortgage, the sum of bark, took part in the cerem,my, Nine Hundred S~xty-two antl 76-100 GLASSES FITTED which was held on Ascension day. Dollars ($962.76); and that no action M d In those days Venice was rots(yeas or preceding at law or otherwise has 217~ Third Street Barker Bldg. O era of the Adriatic and her ships visited been instituted to recover said debt or ,nearly every important port In the any part thereof, that, by virtue of a I~EMIDJI - MINN. COMPLETE civilized world. It Is supposed that power of sale therein contained, said So as not to mortgage will be foreclosed and the ;the ceremony, wllich was at first only land and premises therein described with the many supplicatory in ehar-lcter, originated Let no1 during tim dogeship of Pietro Orse- by said party of the first part agree publication of this order in the Farm- lying anti being in the County of Clearwater and State of Minnesota, as L.J. LARSON, M.D. es usually made olo I about 1000 A. D. Under this to sell and convey to said party of the ers Independent, a newspaper publish- follows, to-wit: ing of service, we, second part, upon certain terms and ed at Bagley, Minnesota, as provided PHYSICIAN and SURGEON doge the prestige of tim republic wan East half of the Northeast Quar- will sell complete revived after a long lapse, in 1177, conditions therein mentioned, all the by law. ter (E~NE~) anti East Half of Office in when the peace between Pope Alex- right, title and interest of the Said Dated August 20th, 1929. Southeast Quarter (Eb2SE), of First National Bank Building eluding casket, bu: under III and Emperor Frederick party ~;~ the first part to the follow- J.E. HUDSPETH, Section Thirty Five (35), in gagley,- . Minn. helming, motor h Barbaroasa was solemnized in Venice, ing trac~or parcel of land lying and (Court Seal) Judge of Probate Court. Township One Hundred Forty grave and church ~~ eluding all incidental 'the pop0 gave the ceremony a nuptial being in tlg~Couqty of Clearwater and George E. Ericson, Five (145) North, of Range Thir- Phone: Office 70J; Res. 70B character by bidding the doge cast a State of Mii~so~La described as fol- Attorney for Estate, ty Six (36) West, containing One following prices: ring into the sea each year. The first lows, to-wit:Quart~'~theast(SE,,~NEt )Quarter of ~--'~.~ ~ ~ ~f Bagley, Minn. (aug22-seph) Hundredor less, according to theSixty (160) acreS,govern_mOre ~RS-~-- $75 !ring used, according to tradition, wasNrtheast Section Twelve (12), Township One~AL~. ~ ~HO~L AI~LJ meat suwey thereof, $125 .:from the pope's owe finger,--Detroit Hundred Forty Six (146) North, of will be sold at public auction to the HARDWARE, FURNITURE According to ":~ew~, .V~?:F~;'~:vr~..~ Range Thirty Six (36) West of theOTHER STATE LANDS highest bidder for cash by the Sheriff "- G~E "~ lfifth principal meridian, containing of Clearwater County, at the front UNDERTAKING The same high RDER LI TO FILE I ~orty (40) acres more or less, accord- State of Minnesota, door of the Court House, in the Village Motor Hearse Service vice we have continue in each CLAIMS, AND FOR HEARING ing to Government survey thereof. State Auditor's Office, of Bagley, in said County and State, THEREON Notice is further given that said tie- St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 21, 1929. on Monday, September 16, 1929, at Charges Reasonable " " STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of fault consists of the failure of said Notice is hereby given that on Oct- 10:00 o'clock in the forenoon', to pay. BAGLEY, MINN. Cease & Clearwater, as. In Probate Court. party of the. second part to .pay unto ober 8, 1929, at 10 o'clock a. m., in th~ and satisfy the debt secured oy said ,{esidence Phone 89B Store 89J In the Matter of the Estate of Simon the stud first party, as .principal pa.y- office of the county auditor, at Baglev, mortgage and the costs and disburse-~ Licensed U: Walton, Decedent. meat of the purchase pace specmed m Clearwater county, in the state of meats allowed by law upon said fore- LetterB of Administration this day said contract, the sum of Forty Dol- Minnesota, I will offer for sale certain closure sale. Bagley, Phone 72J having been granted to Henry Starkey lars ($40.00), due on or aerore ~une unsold state lands anti also those state Dated this 27th day of July, 1929. I Have you tried'the meals, IT'~(S ORDERED, That the time 29th, 1923, anti the further sum of lands which have reverted to the state l THE FEDERAL LAND BANK OF I ~ within'~tkhich all crbditors of the above Forty Dolrars ($40.00! due on, or be- by reason of the non-payment of in-I SAINT PAUL, Mortgagee. named (l~edent,mav nresent claims fore June 29th of each year thereat- crest. Walter H. gutsche, I lunches, short orders at against his'~a~e i~ ~his Court, be, ter, until purchase price is paid in full; ns of Sale: Attorney for the Mortgagee, LETTEl . and the same'~l~reby is, limited to ~na~ on ~ne 29th qay .o~ ~une,,tuzu, Den per cent of the purchase Federal Land Bank Building, I from and after the there was ~ue ann owing ~y sam sec- s payable to the County Treas-'St. Paul, Minnesota. alsep5 I JACK'S COFFEE SHOP '-" """ --."- "'-' six (6) months date hereof; and that Monday the 3rd on~ par~y ~o sa~9 nrs~ par~v, asprm- ~ . - ..... ~ I evidence day of March, 1930, at 2 o'clock P. M., mpa, paymenL ~ne sum o~ two r~unn- I I .. business 1 ~ in the Probate Court Rooms at the red E~ghty anti. no-100 Dollars if!. .-./.:~}!i~!i!i!;i! I a,~tJ ............. , .... n~le, ($280 00) ; tha~ said seconu par~y has t~~~ ~i [ t~Ol.tlff, Mouse el, ~,nc v,,,o.~,~ .... ~ z, " " ~ ~" ~;~?!:i:i.::i:! in said County, be, and the same also neglected a2~tefa~led t~e~aYantco ~:iiiiii ~ L.__....22:__ s thesam nr t party t on a hereby is, fixed and appointed a " " - " " '~~!~i!ili::i::;!:' time and lace forhearingupon an([ of theunpaidprincipal, at the rate of I~% ~ ~~i I "P ' " eat an~ al six nercent (6%) per annum, and that i ~ ~ ~ the examlnatmn, adjustmI -~ - . ............... ]owance of such claims as shall be pre- on tne zu~n,t|ay, o~ June,. l.'~zu, .~nete T ] sentedw,thinthetimeaforesaid, x.vasuue:n(Is'i~dlncg(m~U~c~r~a~y;a~. ,~~i:!:i~i!!:i:, B gley B I d t Let notice hereof be given by the m tere;t' .:"` r~, :, ~ , [~~'~ |i~-~~ I a a e ry an r~.~:z:'.4:':~ "~." ~ ~:':'::,::::i! } i publication of this order in the ~arm- une riun(ire(I Sixty une uo;mr:' ant| :::::':::~.:~.:~~" ~ ers' Independent as prowded by law. Fh]rty S~x Cents ($161;36), that ~a,l I i!iiil;;!ill Ce~ ,, . ,, 30th 1 29 second party has al~o Ia]leasaiuanovean(~ no I": ..... Dated August. , 9 . ,s , ," .... ....... The Home of Good Things To J E. HUDSPETH, glected to pay the taxes on |~~~~!~ji~| (Court Seal) Judge of Probate. described land for the years of 1920 GEe P JONES, to 1928, inclusive, which are now tie- |~~i~i~| OUR BREAD, COOKIES, CAKES & Attorney for Petitioner, lin(tuent. ......... CONFECTIONERY Is Always i Bemidji, Minn. (sep5-19) ~otice ]s rurtner g~ven LEa1; toe un- .... , dersigned party of the frst })art will .......... terminate said Contract of Sale with- LUNCH COUNTER and TABLE 5 OttDER LIMITING TIME TO FILE ~''" '3")" da-'s f-o---~' " .................. G ..... h ....... In tmrw ~,~t ~ y.~ r m ~ne servme (n in connection ~bAll~l~ V1111 ltlltPal~ l11/l~lllFlt~'~, t~]li~ nntlo, unon said nart- of the AND FOR HEARING TItEREON. sec.~nfpart t;nless prio;to (he expire- Frank Landmark, Propr. Estate of Andrew O. Oien. tmn of stud thirty (30) days stud part.~ STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of of the second part shall comply with Bagley, Minn. Clearwater, as. In Probate Court. said conditions in default, lhis Notice In the Matter of the Estate of An- being given pursuant to and in aecor- (lance with Section 8081, General Sta- drew O. Oleo, Decedent. Letters of Administration this day tues of Minnesota for 1913. ~ iiUIIIIIIIilllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll having been granted unto Hans Oleo, Dated Minneapolis, Minn. All Wrought Up Over NOthing and it appearing 'by the affidavit of August 19th, 1929. -~ Didn't sleep last night; too much work; the cAll- said representative that there are no THEpANy,REDBy ArchieRIVERD.LUMBERw'alker, CO~-sec,y. dren are fretful; the Boss is cranky; Mrs. DeVere ~- City M t M debts Df said decedent: sept-5~12-19 didn't invite you to her party. , . . IT IS ORDERED, That the time Ordinarily you don't mind any of these things, ou~ ea a within which all creditors of the above .... today they are simply unbearable. You / named decedent may present claims ORDER LIMITING TIME TO FILE are nervous, that's why. ~ I Mea against his estate, in this Court, be, CLAIM,% AND FOR HEARING t to be best as an article o[ ood, and the same hereby is, limited to THEREON Did you ever try Dr. Miles' Nervine? I three months from and after the date STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of Just two teaspoonfuls in a half glass of ~ I perl hereof; and that Monday the 2nd day Clearwater, as. In Probate Court. water will quiet your over-taxed nerves ~ y conditioned. This requires tr( of December 1929, at 2 o clock P. M., In the Matter of the Estate of and bring you a feeling of calm and peace. [~ ~ as we are experts in the Probate Court Rooms at the Karl Lind, Decedent. Court House at Bagley in said County, Letters of Administration this day Dr. Miles' Nervlne is now made in I ii m ng. be, and the same hereby is, fixed and having been granted to Rudolph two forms--Liquid and Effervescent ~ I appointed as the time and place for Liend. Tablet. Both are the .ame there- I|B]l i The meat you get here iust right to ea|o hearing uvoff and the examination, ad- IT IS ORDERED, That the time peutically. I il ' justment and allowance of such claims within which all creditors of the above ~k~~ ' / / as shall be presented within the time named decedent may present claims 01d Ols0n, Prop. Bagley aforesaid, against her estate in this Court, be, Let notice hereof be given by the and the same hereby is. limited to ]publication of this order in the Farm- three months from and after the date ~' Ilui~dent as provided by law. hereof; and that Friday the 29th day ~ ilIlMIlIBIHIUlI!MllUlIIMIlll$111111 ,