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September 5, 1929     Farmers Independent
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September 5, 1929

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'~NC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. EEMENT.1929.REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, D,STR,BUT~O~IERS, INDEPENDENT, BAGLEY, Clearwater Co.nty, MINN. PAGE SEVEN ) luck Ie ~lmply Pluck, things over and Will, perseverance and leaven of Luck'e AND PICKLE8 to get ready for all Which add so roach to the table dur- ing the whole Year. :Be sure tO try one or two jars of these attrac- tive pickles : Cucumber Cir- lets.~Select eu- ozle-half inches In cut into hah'es and Portion with an ap- Slice Into half-inch for a couple Vinegar and water, to taste; drain. Pound of hrown of mihl vinegar with a bag of and potlr over night : repeat ti~e third day, With tile boiling few large, plump Pickle improves the appearance. and peel Peaches, add an :ar, the shredded ;ht pits, two o- meat chopper a Small bottle of Cook, stirring blended, adding taking up, the Pieces. Store in Jars. i'--'Cut ti~e plnk center of a ripe With a potato iu weak alum ~g rinse and pour ~a, n and put into 3" ~ O~ thl ~ "ee-quarters i;~ I JUst enough wa- (hl one-half caSl ott l orange thinly JJr u of fruit and one quaJ~' root cut Into small dwa~Ml, farce POUnd~ " " 2::Jlll Oil- ,. uoog n car~thl _~ the fruit, boil ~,ua~r" I:~k and rich, reheat ( l~l~011~lnto Jars. This Is rrndelt~fale.t've as the balls fly ~ ' "ell. ring ! and fresh-water ~leal~sh, one has a large variety from Which to choose for the sn innlel th e a l Shrlnlps }end t henlselve~ to many dainly d~shes, even meal eaealloped In S a I a d comblna- 't~ce with a good S dash of wor- especial y appe -~ated tish stuffed Leonard Village News and served with Welcome msin ~hte. Itere are . sl In your card sl dinners : k together two It, with one r, add three. bofling water, :ins, one table- Miss Harriet Hagen spent Friday with her grandmother Mrs. Helen Bye. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Falconer and Mr. and Mrs. Levi Lenison and daugh- ter were Sunday evening guests at the A. J. Holm home. Miss Esther Benson left Monday for Clearbrook to attend school. , F. W. Johnson of Debs who has been spending the week end here visit- ink returned home Tuesday. School started here Monday with Miss Vivian Pierce of Frazee as prin- cipal, Miss Sholtz of Duluth for the intermediate room and Miss Edna Flynn the prj~room. Mr. and _4~rs. W'Mter McLeon of Fargo visit~+,t~e latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs~ ~). Pa:~ne S" "- '~- '~unday. Thep were accompa%~l b~k as far as Neilsville by John ~who will attend schooi there English services at the church Sun- day, Sept. 8 at 11. Miss Edith Lundmark, Elizabeth Howard anti Anna Rhen left Momlay for Bemidji to attend school. Miss Esther Stenlund is now em- ployed at the Sop Hotel. Miss Emily Payne and brother Billy who have been visiting their grand- parents at Neilsville returned home on Sunday. Miss Lottie Stenlund left Friday for Minneapolis where she will be em- ployed. Miss Hazel Strand who is employed at Faygo spent the week end visiting friends and relatives here. Falk News Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nelson moved back to their farm here from Bemidji Wednesday. Gee. La Fontain~"~l~l family moved back here Wedne4da~ after living on the E. A. French ~ the past two months. Christ Johnson is doing some work on his farm here and is planning to move back in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fletcher and daughter returned home Tuesday after a trip to the coast where they enjoyed a visit with Mrs. Fletcher's relatives. Billie Shorts of Bemidji spent last Sunday with his family who are visit- ing at the B. T. Johnson home here. Joe Koutney and family moved to Bemidji Sunday for the winter. Everybody was to the fair last week. The dredge that was moved to Per- ry's corner Friday underwent some repair and will commence work with two shifts Wednesday. -+ ........ Minerva Township Events Orville Johnson arrived at the C. Fultz home Friday from Leonon, Mich. here he has been employed since last spring. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Melchert had their baby daughter Ardella Mac bap- tized at the g411ish Lutheran church by, Rev. Seebac]l Sundav. Mr. and Mrs. WaiteT,~l~qchert were sponsors. " ~S Mrs. C'SY~s armved at Walsh camp last wee~ care for her daugh- ter, Mrs. F. Tibbets, who has been ill. The telephone line No. 65 has been out of order for some time due to the ditching machine near the Minerva school. Now that it is again fixed for us let us hope that it can stay that way. A telephone comes in very han- dy when some loved one is sick and a doctor is wanted. Ebro - West Falk News Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Fletcher and (laug~m~av returned from Plosser, Washingtjh,'Wednesday. Miss~eline Brusewitz is visiting a few ~ Ingalls home. A health c]Vnic is being held at the school house at Rice Lake Dam with staff of 16 doctors, dentists, and nurses conducting examinations. They will be in session until Sept. 14th for the ben- and pepper to eat of all who wish to go. Miss Alice Vigoren is employed at and serve in the Warren Ingalls home. Which has The Pederson Lumber yard at Et)ro ! Water until caught fire and was completely de- illefalt" D stroyed. ~tg~lutlm , "~" IsSolve one ::: ....: ~.. ,sea add ont IIllllliili; ,on and ~slt I1 IL, IULL%IILN~L1 [llllll ;the Juice of s lets ! ""'" ...................... "'"'"'" ................ ,..,. t "~ii~:W~"::::Ii Dr. A. J. KHmek i:lt+llea In two cup -- IP2,-~ Serve In tall HUSti~lt S'-Ollle8 for the l] I[| ltIT~P:~ot appropriate if [[SPECIALIST AND ..... ",::22"2;I1 OPTOMETRIST ]l~l~uts pre th finely Jl of Beaudette, Minn. will be At 'l~PedWithserved In a ~CLEARWATER HOTEL ~a|..i ghtfu, eel, .... JJ FRIDA%. SEPT. '3th '~'~" '1 ..... II Returning Every 60 Days .... P011re t lira., d over lemon [{ Dr. Klimek gives special ~tten- II _Y", Yellow, Is nat II tion to the relief of headaches, :~L~v .bUl most tasty lJ nervous troubles, straightening eho " of c . ~ nuts, JJ ross eyes and to all various defects of the eyes. L ~T~k Soda For Stomach For /1 20 Years / ] "For 20 years l took soda for indi- /&C S.KINN]SON ~ Jgestion and stomach gas. Then I tried ] ]Adlerika. One bottle brought complete i Irelief."---Jno. 13. Hary. "-1 ~ I Adlerika relieves GAS amt sour ]stomach in TEN minutes. Acts on 7 The Letter From Home .~,~ ~ j BOTH upper and lower bowel, Tempe- ling poisons you never knew were How I like to get the letter ~, I there. Don't fool with medicine which \|cleans only PART of the bowels, but That the homefolks write to me! "|let Adlerika give stomach and bow- To read that Dad is feeling better-- I~ls a REAL cleaning and see how good Is as chipper as can be, lyou feei- City DrugStore. And to read the lines from Mother~, As to little things they do /WITH BRICK COMPANY From the one day to the other. I# The Union Commercial College,, rand Forks, N. Dak., placed Miss~ As the weeks they journey through. ~. r,and ............... ,~ | ~ anna wits ~ne Ke(i Klver vaney (] Brick Co., of this city, as p~Svate They wish that we were near them, ~r~ ~secretary. There is nothing like a ot s far awa business education to get a start in And were n O y, J | busin, .. . . ....... L , .... ,.~ _L2=_ X I the hu~ines~ world To get this /~nd 1 Know now mut;n ~wuutu~ne~:r ~-~trainin " i~ .... ., "ltraini g ta e.~ but a short time and mem, ~he cost is very moderate. Send for To be near us, day by day. J~rce catalog a'nd find out how easily It is not that they are lonely, l.x~u can get this training yourself. But--I scarcely need to tell, For you understand~it's only That they love us all too well. There is little that they write us That amounts to very much, But their letters all delight us Wlth their human, homely touch, As they tell about the weather, With its days of sun and rain-- Like the life they ve spent together, Now a smile, and then a pain. There is little there to thrill us, As we read from line to line, -// But their letters always fill us With a feeling sweet and fine. Just to know they're feeling better, And from pain and care are free.- Is the best news in the let:er That the home-folks write to me! Flattery A wise Fren,.htnul~ unce remarked that if we did ViOl lh, ller ourselxes the flattery oI olhers w.t;hl I+101 htlrI US. [~Ul we tie |hiller (HII'SPI%'es %Vl|en others llalleI IIS il ci)nlh'lns dill SWeel convJcllon thal we are quile w.nder fal. Tiles CqHIleS Ihe frill---filial that's what hurts. Even It we d-iVl fall we ure hllrl l)) Ihe det'rt,ashtg I'CSp,e('l ol our fell,~ws.--l;rove I'+tltel'SOll, iu tile Mobile itegisl er. Road Sign Interference Effectivene:~.s of the standtn'd numer- al siizns and direction and (lnn~er signals on the tr:lnscontlnental high- ways. which have contributed hlL n]easurnldy [o tile (.onvenlence Hnd safety of travel, is hiw(lered in many lnshmces by advertising signs which are SO phleed as to Ohscln'e {heln or withdraw' attenlhm from lhela. Growing Movement for Trees Along Highways The p.ssil)ililies ,)f befllltifyillg our nnlin id;::hw:,ys I)y nlelllJS of |rees, |lowers lind hhmming shrnbs hlspJre~, the hope that ~tune tlny lmblic denmnd will nllll{p Ihese i)ossihililies, at lea~l ill a hlrge measure, realilies. Many g,md tlting~ come from denlonstraiions. Near L, nlisian.l, Mo., tile state high- why ('l)nlnlission is setting +)tit groups +)f spirea st intervals of from 20(I to 3~) feet for a distance of about 30 miles. The pla~tlrS a~ a gift from a l.ouisiuna nnrsery. The gift IS gener- ous, but probably a mighty good in- vestment. When these groups of spi- rea altaln I+h)onHng growlh they will be an example that will he sure to inspire an exten,~lon of highwny trent- nlel}t. It}deed, sIIch examplos are nu- i~1o|.(~11s, i]1 st)ale o[ ltte StHles, especial- 13' :IS i+~ lht~ Id311tillg of trees. Per l,:ll+~ ill lime }it':lilly lih)lig otlr I+l'[Ii- 4ill:ll liliqiw c;ir i'lflllPS will bO sll clilll- luqlhl~ lhal. liliuo~l everyolle will ro- mps.el il. inchidh/g Ihe belillly Nature hns lw~whh'd. If .~o. thon we shqll not h,ve I)illboai.d~ nnd shnihir dis- li~ili'omeii I s.-- 1.]XChli n fie. There's a Difference A h;llllt3 14:he t,) ihe. imh't'd, iS the city whlq'(! is ~'lili+~l;lilily h(';ii'd ihc s6nnf] ()f hllnlln(,r ;,,rid ~li'+++', lltl{ some. lhhig else ngllin Is llio cily where ~nly the Ilnnllllor is I,tmrd.--1;xlh~lnL.e ~t0rm.Pr00f ! engine 1Vl hp. Uome in i l~ever will you find an Engine that will come so close to your idea/of a 1~ hp. power plant as will this one. And most remarkable of all is its low -- "+ "+ e " "~ prim, explained by the hug+ produetmn and um "ersal distribution which holds down the price of all Fairbanks-Mor~e products. Don't fail to come in and ~e thls engine. Note its remarkable design, ta compacmess--unhke anvthmg you ve ever before ~een. Note bow it m completely enclosed and self-oiling --- protect'ion against dirt and weather e~ndition~. Then start up the engine- with the famous F-M Type "R" ~viagneto I + This is the way to get a good idea of what this ensine is ! You'll surely want to nee it. Easy terms. Come today. P. H. PEI3E:RfOM Nla \ II II Built i ;ill Sll II The STAR Windmill and Tower are built io withstand tha Itrong. es winds. Angle.steel arms and braces make the wheel severs[ times ordinary strength. The double braced tower will sumd in any wind up to a real tel nado. Safest windmill made. STAll WINDMILL / iri sii Rum in Oil The STAR pumps more water a [ess coat than any other pump- ins unit. l~umps in llshi brazes when othee mills i~md ,dlL AR working portal flooded with oil. TIMKEN B.arins* carry pumpins load end end thrust without friction. Bell bearing turn table. Rainproof, dust.proof, tight-fitting covet. Built to |all li|e. time. Get complete [Itfot'mt. lion sad piicell [rom Lawrence Nelson At the Spooner farm 5 miles north of Bagley Thurs. Sept. 12 SALE STARTS AT I 1 FREE LUNCH AT NOON. 2 Horses, 4 Cows; 2 Heiters; 40 Chickens. 1 set Harness; 1 Wagon. ~Mower; 1 Rtlke; 1 Drag. Plow; 1Dis~. 1 set Bob Shiglts; 1 Cutter. 1 Gas Engine.- --~t Tons of Hay. Jlf Ford Car, 192S Sedan. 1 Potato Cultivator. 1 Brooder. 1 Clover Attachment And other articles too numer- ous to mention. Usual Terms Mrs. Hilda Spooner Owner COL. H. C. PETERSDN, Auctioneer. I FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Clerk prove the Value of r- . Chevrolet's remarkable six-cylinder engine im- presses you most vividly by Its sensationally smooth per- formance. At every speed you enjoy that silent, velvet-like flow of 1lower which is char- acteristic of the truly flue au tomobile. Z With their low, ~racefaL sweeping lines and smart silhouette, their ample room for passengers and their spar- kling color combinations and gasoline, but Its oll economy is equal to, if not actually greater than, that of its famous four-cylinder pre- decessor. An achievement no less remarkable than the ~;nevrolet Six itself Is the fact that it is sold at prices so amazingl~ low. Furthermore, Chevrolet deilvered prices in o elude thelowest financing and handling charl~es available. rich upholsteries~the new FisherbodiesontheChevrolet ~ In order to appreciate Six represent one of Fisher'st~ what outstandino v~u,. greatest achievements, the Chevrolet Six rep~'e~'en'ts: i is necessary to remember ~ The new Chevrolet Six Is that it is built to the an unusually economical world's hlah~,-,---- - - car to operate. . Not only design,. In~'''-:'-'~'anuar~'material~ and Intn does it deliver better than workmanship~it Is every twenty miles to the gallon of inch a quality car* ~nO~STV.X ........ ;525 The Coach r~,~ff. '695 he $ The Sedan ....... PHAETON .......... 525 - ~.. -- Del" $~ r--- t Imm |very... ~'Jl~ ~t,,~ .... '595 :)~)D ~++~,';~,, ......... ,-,,,. ......... y Chaule ql:U~ 7 he ~f~n't $](~A ~ The 1 ~ .... li 7.~" ............. ,?Z2 ~+t'~"+'!: o ~. ~o,,,:~_~ ........ "545 .KEllAN h7~ yactory, irlin, The 1 ~ Ton s. ~,, ...................... v Mtclu'ganCha~i~ with Cab,..'~)~0 H " ol Denmon- ardlngChevr et Co. so Bemidj~, Minn. A SIX IN PRICE RANC O~L ~ ~.