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October 9, 2002     Farmers Independent
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October 9, 2002

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~MALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. JECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. O FARMERS INDEPENDENT BA(;I,EY, MINNESOTA Wednesday' October 9, 2002 Pa~e 9A Reynolds three weeks of this season, football team lhced some )etition and came up on end of the scoreboard each that stretch, the Flyers t~:cd COmparative competition. The that the)' were on the a good team by beating and Btackduck with staunch the latest game, Coach Chuck stated that this week's would be a great test for to see where they were as a team. Lake of the Woods was playoffs lamt year, and Coach seemed to think they were a this year. running team. the Lake of Bears would provide the with a great opportunity their tackling and prove their Coach Anderson also the game that, offensively, to toss the ball around a lot from the shotgun. When the defense was finally 0n, he said, "We've simplified When you simplify things, Coach McBride gives the defense a little talk during a time out. officials immediately. "'Those are things that hunters au~J anglers will see if they find a lab or an abandoned lab," Bernhjelm said. The by-pw, ducts of a myth lab, are l~ss iikely to O0 8rugs Yotl r,~ hwlp, FO~ more ,'~I0rmati0tl O~l dtu~ ~revention 0togram$ m yOtlr community, c~11 or visit 1 877 XlOS 313 www,youcanhelpkids, o~ things to look at." e did everything that we worry about their position they can just go out there tlead-to-head, the players on both teams await the hike, which signals their time to start crashing into one another. The Bears proved hard to tame and took control of the field. II Lake of the Woods Coach Mark ++ ~as asked about his plans for ng, he replied, "We need to , etla ~1 deep and on the ground. need to dominate up front on Without the use of the blitz, and !~ : up front on offense by doing .the game started it looked ~: p,~ Ike what both coaches had said. the Woods came out, ran two on the second play from age senior Andy Eaton broke off . The cheerleaders do their art kee school s nt tdtouchdown run enroute to his p'~ ! " P P " P" " P" ~ fr the evening' When Bagley !. ~ Ul/t I/IW~ ~11 they ran nine plays from the and had to punt. of the Woods regained the ball !t 75.yards in 11 running plays ~ed, going up by two ~lls. "sec~agley went four plays and out. ~pass the coaching staff" ~ ~. g Ig~+ i;" +, ,t the ball back ran the ball t~l~~~~~~ 'brew a 3 -ya;d pass, which :'I", ' ~ ,,pad ! y ichard'~bt~ nln watching tw previus ~ ~ t+ears had played. After the halftime break, Bagley players crash through the traditional banner, while cheerleaders hold i~,' it in place and cheer on their team. ~:;:~! ~ , ~ ' unit4t~O Points and failed. Instead of " " I~ ~,. "" , i "i .~tm~n two scores, the Flyers were ' y""l = touchdowns, an extra ':, ~ancl an assured two-point ~0tl. On their next possession : 1 PaSsinfi,,e of their s~x g on ' " ~a l~~"e Scoring a touchdown on a ' ~ - Another view of the dancers, who performed while Irene Auginau+ )O1LiP~'~Chdown pass but failed on told the audience about the dancing and garments. , t-/i~t-after attem t - .,rt,c, nglat back ,y ' " ' CLF_ARBROOK-GONVlCK Ct' ''3"Yards in six plays capping it'9 ' /[~[~~~/~ ~i.~ "Yard touchdown pass from ~'"["~ll~l~dtBrandnCa(ness'and ~i~ /iO/li~l/// i !I L P RTS * I G SCHEDuLESC OOLSPORTS o ..~/l~lt off with a successful two- SCHO0 S 0 ; F,." ~2~Ver.: . .. irg~'l~. ~,on to get back to within SCHEDULE : to~'~l"t / /lb g n elmn II i! v,,,i,y Foo,b .it(d$1l, he Woods went back to 1 Ill I ~,~/~ ~/t~~:',mE,~, nl Football lip.,, 11 Cl;,arbrook-Gon.'+ H 7:00 :m,+!.~++esota~ ~0tballinbehindjust EatOnover a minuteand scored :~+'#~ '~ Oct. I I Bagley--Baglev A ,:(0 ' " ~ : :~ ~: ' " " v" "700 *Northstar Conference , +Secnon 8AA :'..=~.' the ball back and started / / m ~im aU ~ I1'-o*'o',", IF , I"'iS'~yW" the field, only to have er ~ Pa tat;.t~s~SSpicked~at~1 off at the Bear 35- / / llMll// I/ . ,, . ,, It Jr. Varsity Football i r~,,~ " go into halftime trailing m 1 I I1 voneyoa,, I!o , A 5:oo: I" :// IIl tdi k lip. tO Ada Boru" Ada A II ecE l~t~, clOd: . 'eSecond halt" started, Bagley l I ill! jV lourn :--'Ncvis A .,+,, It 9th Grade Football : ; " ;' ' I[( Oct. 14 RLC(J--Ok]ee A 5:00-C Oct, 10 Mahnomen H 5:00* ntiS,.' ran five plays and had to ,~.~ ;~ ~ ...~ ~: ~:.-~ ./. ~ ' ;.. ~. ~ /+ t in tl~lk~Lake of the Wotx]s got the ~. ~+;) ~ ~I :*l~ P, i/ IIC 7th & 8th Grade Football ~, ide~ seCOnd half they opened up ~ m ~m b,,0 ,:oo: t.ed every p ay ever Bears even tried some ]]oc,. 15 lumpkinBowI H i ?o,'%"~11 L'+uttld've been drawnl~e, _ up in the ~;-,~~ i ml_I( Bagley/C-G Girls Tennis ~qay" ~. Inheld behind the Bears' do "eY ran tod~'~l a triple reverse; they A display of Native American dancing and traditional garments was provided to the spectators during Ilt)~t, 1, !nd'Stub~ect,'@t!iGli&GF 7 pr0t~t~ l;Tllnkgi the ball all over the field; the halftime break i?++,c,. In ~ec++. aA hnalst~ 3t. Jonn's ++ _~: ~nds of misdirection; fake " " !1o~,. t7 Ind. Sect. Finals@St. John's i ,anS~/~and the biggest slap in the could not to hurt them. If we wanted to, Hunters, anglers Rock climbing trip scheduled [t Bagley/Foss. Cross Country i .rsp~.Slt~''~, State of Liberty play that we could've continued to run the ball all - - - -- -- .,, to the Blue Mounds 1]o,:,. l0 :,++ mwl~.v A 4:30~ ]rai~g 3,3"yards and looked like night, but by the end of the night 1 warnea to watcn The Outdoor Program ('enter (OPC) IIO;t, 14 at Park R'apids A 4:00, )r~;~? out of an old Jetson's don't know how many players the)' 1--11.__ at Bemidji State University has 1t Varsi'-"Volle-ball " 7~i;~[~'~e: ~~':~:: drive for the Flyers " U.I .ilI.L.I. l~.U. lI!i::'14 "~'el, ~t ..... 30 would ~e had left , ty y O,+t I0at \'~alkertt A 516/7 30 When Flyers Coach Anderson txas ~.,___g ' " ~" scheduled a rock climbing outing to , - ! " - . "- the Blue Mounds near Pipestone Oct. " ~. " : Oct L2 B Iourncv@> 'liSA ~orl ,' pad possession of the asked about his feelings concerning the 17-20. tilrli.- ~l....they went 64"" yards" in 12 way Lake of the Woods handled their Ilunters ++)tit ill the fields and anglers which ;ire hazardous to humans and Onen to the general public and BSU It.. ' ........ No~t aom,+~ . H, .... 5/6/7:;., ~ltOfl~'~ea touchdown followed by game plan, he said, "That guy over their near Minnesota waterways this fall animals, pose an explosion hazard, students, the excursion is designed to [i,..,ct.~:~ t,ass ta~e,+ ra ~:~.,r~ ect ~p ~SFul two , has no class He did the same thin last -point conxersion .... " " 'g " should beon the h)okout "for myth lab l eople who inhale the fumes or accommodate climbers of any skill I}*No.h+,',,,,d, Co,,t~.'n.e "~ t" year That IS why I dndn t shake his ) s cx~nence ch ~c b ns s ,.;~,i?i,, hmgs that ultimately did . " . - ' ' s " . ~'olnp~ neat ".l" " em"al ur .hould seeklevel and to expose individuals to the It , .,. , .,, ,, , ,, eX"'~r" Were their inability to hand. but that's okay because what Chemicals used for making medical attention, basics of safe climbing, required It jr. l-lien VOlleyball , . o0y~-~htackles, their inability to ..... ' g methamphetamine can be ve,w I eople who suspect they have found hardware, rappelling, rope handling. Iloct, t0 atWalkerA 5:00, comes around goes around and he II el , i~ay+ ~e football and a couple o1 his " ; d--~l~.,rrt"Y~i~l;.~nSide kicks late in the "' dangerous before and after the drug is an abandoned drug iab should and belaying. ,,OcLl5 a, Rl.CC-Otdee A 5:00~ lrs. .... not really known why the .... rivalry pnxtuced making abandoned lab sites immediately contactthe local A mandatory pry-trip meeting will i) ~,r,,eet._t('-".(~_tD~,.,.I,+., (+2;.I.. ;" OtPV ~ r, lv the Bears short field. seems heated or what the Bears coach co" nservation officer. II r,.,,o,+,.,nt.~ ,,~/Da a~ ,~Jt.tao ph~e a : , , hazardous to people who mav happen Opening be held at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 14 in the ~, .r tot'S._ _, ,i-...~ YSically dominated at the has" s against" " the Flyers" ", but the one thin' g' upon them. said Bill Bernhjcim, [)NR coma" iners: i.s m~t available. OPC, located on the lower level, of the It Swimming fr~.ffI(th;asn't a surprise coming in. is for sure, with the exception of a win. Enforcement Division director "Do not touch, try to move or Hobson Memorial Union. Iloc,. " "-_f#~i~r SUrprise wasthatthe Bears this game had everything you could've Certain products specific to thc dispose of suspicious materialsMore information is available by o~t...'!I B~midiuNDlnv,e AA TBA' 6:00; tl~~an up the score and tried to asked toy out ol aHomecommg game. It making of myth c'm tip a person off to yourself.' Bernhjelm warned, contacting the OutdoorProgramIt~)ct. t5 I'c~h~.n/\Varroad H 5:30 ,. ~t r~- '~e 13, had entertaining plays a dc~ent ) ,~ ic+e "+ !I?Pla yers by running a lot of" " " " " an abandont~ site. Bulk ephcdrme I eople cam contact the Minnesota Center, Hobson Memorial IYnion, comeback by the home team a cool lall , St t ~ ) 25. ly~s" " " " ' " " containers, lithium batteries that ha,c ?aelatnlora DNR regional or area Bemidji State University. 15OO~~:~:~ +.,,~,~ ~ae Was over, Bears Coach breeze, and a brewing rivalry that will been taken apart, ether cans, office lot the name and phone number Birchmont Drive NE, Bemidji, MN ~:~;- be interesting to watch In the future gas + gas, ol a conser~,a i m ~e e o ~ ,,?~ked why he seemingly ' " " ' compressed cylinders, Lt " " .' " t'( officer'in th ar a. 56601-2699 (218-755-,.990). - ~" ,,,,~1~'~y a3~ in his playbook He 'have Walker coming in plast,c ,ub, ng. and s.spic,,)us s,tes ........ I ,,U'..',.O,,.y?" I |~ containers., gas cans, b!)ttles ,,)th ......... , I'~.,u ,no. u.,~ II~.',~,n I I ,Id ~i:~-~f for the conference with strong t~ors should bc avoided Ask u about lots of I s case a er. tnd we wanted to give and rel~)rted to law en,brccmcnt P P Th~ tr t~th is. a little Ol your hme Can make a lifetime