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October 21, 2009     Farmers Independent
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October 21, 2009

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 FARMERS INDEPENDENT, Bagley, Minnesota - Page 3B The Hate America 'The way it is' For a while, after they got trounced in the last election, it was hard to figure out what the Republican Party stood for. They were floundering, around without direction. But no longer. Today, the Republican agenda is clear. If it's good for America, they're against it. If it's bad for America, they're for it. You think I'm kidding? Just check out their recent record. It started last winter, when economists, liberal and conservative, warned that only massive government intervention could save our economy from a second Great Depression. Obama stepped up to the plate with a $787 billion recovery package to create new jobs in construction, education, and green technology, and to save existing jobs in state and local governments. Not one Republican in the House, and only three Republicans in the Senate, voted for it. Fast forward: On Oct. 13, the National Association of Business Economists announced that, thanks to Obama's recovery package, the recession is over and the economy is on the rebound. No thanks to Republicans. The stimulus was good for America. They voted against it. Last July, in a similar move to goose economic recovery, the Obama administration offered its "cash for clunkers" program, offering consumers a $3,500 to $4,500 rebate for trading in older cars with lousy gas mileage. The program was such a phenomenal success it revived moribund dealerships and sparked 625,000 new car sales. But it also ran out of money within a month, and Congress was asked to extend the program. Once again, the anti-America crowd stepped in. The cash for clunkers program was good for America. Republican leaders in the House and Senate campaigned, unsuccessfully, against it. We saw the same reaction when Chicago made the final cut for the 2016 Summer Olympics. As we had previously learned in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Salt Lake City, hosting the Olympic Games anywhere in the United States brings prestige, jobs and tourist dollars to the entire country. Surely, this was one time when all Americans would set politics aside and cheer on the American team. Fat chance. When President Obama went to Copenhagen to make a personal pitch for Chicago -- over Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro -- Republicans actually accused him of shirking his duties as president. The Olympics would have been good for America. But Republicans were against them. Some openly rooted for Brazil, instead. And imagine Barack Obama's surprise when he was awakened by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Friday, Oct: 9, and informed that he'd won the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama himself was the first to admit he didn't deserve the award for his accomplishments, but only as a "call to action" for progress in efforts he'd already begun to revive the peace process in the Middle East, fight global warming, and rid the world of nuclear weapons. Deserved or not, the honor was as much a tribute to the American people as it was to the president, and a recognition of the new, positive standing America enjoys around the world as a result of the election of Barack Obama. The Nobel Peace Prize was good for America. But leaders of the Republican Party, starting with Chairman Michael Steele and House Minority Leader John Boehner, not only condemned it, they said Obama should refuse to accept it. Same with health-care reform. Today's health-care delivery system is so expensive, so inefficient, and so tmfairly distributed, that fixing it by making sure every American enjoys basic, quality, affordable health insurance would be good for America. Yes, and that's why Republicans are against it. Is there nothing Obama-related that Republicans are willing to embrace? Apparently not. Not even good news on Wall Street. On Oct. 14, seven months after bottoming out at a 12-year low, the Dow Jones Industrial average soared to more than 10,000. Now, there's good news all Americans could celebrate. Right? Wrong! House Republican leader John Boehner pooh-poohed the significance of the market rebound, insisting, "The American people aren't looking at the stock market in terms of putting food on the table." Of course, this is the same John Boehner who blamed Obama when the market hit its 12- year low back in March. But, once again, Dow 10,000 was good for America. So, Republicans were against it. There's only one thing left: to rename the party for what it really stands for. It's no longer the Republican Party; it's the Hate America Party. (Bill Press is host of a nationally syndicated radio show and author of a new book, "Train Wreck: The End of the Conservative Revolution (and Not a Moment Too Soon)." "That's just the way it is. Some things will never change..." (Bruce Homsby song lyric) The Washington Post headline sounds as if a comedy writer, or someone fluent in George Orwell's "Newspeak" wrote it: "Record-High Deficit May Dash Big Plans," it said. As if a contributing factor to the projected record-high deficit of $1.4 trillion has nothing to do with big spending by this and previous administrations. Is there no end? Will we ever reach a limit where government says "no more, we've done enough; you're on your own now"? Apparently not. The "greatest generation" mostly lived within their means. They knew what it meant to go without all but essentials. Today, we think the sky is the limit when it comes to spending and that if we can conceive it, then we are entitled to it. This is partly because of how dysfunctional Washington has become and partly due to our own sense of"what we are owed." Government can spend, tax and do whatever it wishes. If you oppose what it does, you are a selfish, greedy, rich elitist who cares nothing about people less fortunate than yourself. But wait. Did we have fewer poor people before government stepped in to "cure" poverty? Do we have fewer now? We aren't sure if the war in Afghanistan can be won, but we know the war on poverty was lost. Once, the prospect of an empty stomach motivated most people to get up and start chasing opportunity. Today, people can do whatever they want and government will bail them out with a welfare .check (for the poor) or a corporate welfare check (for the rich). Bad decisions? No problem. Failure is no longer an option. Thomas, you are such a racist and an uncaring person. You've been lucky and should have to pony up for the less fortunate. How about showing the "less fortunate" the way to become fortunate? Does anyone hear a politician in either party encouraging people to do for themselves, instead of relying on government? And that goes for big corporations, too. People who play by the rules, stay in school, refuse to take drugs, marry before having children and stay married, are no longer considered worthy role models by government, which has no intention of making them the norm. These norms have disappeared in a cloud of diversity and political correctness. Government now proposes to transform health insurance and tax responsible citizens at increased rates to pay for the votes, uh, benefits of others who are more content to take slices of other people's pies rather than learn to bake their own. If you have been an honest businessperson and give money to your church and charities to help others who want to succeed but are haying difficulty doing so through no fault of their own, that no longer matters. In fact, government proposes to reduce the deductibility of your charitable giving because government sees itself as more capable of charity than you. That's what the Obama administration's proposal to send a $250 check to every senior citizen is about. Seniors won't get a cost of living adjustment in their Social Security checks next year because the cost of living hasn't gone up. But because seniors have become accustomed to an annual raise, the president apparently thinks by giving it to them anyway, he can buy their support for health care legislation that is not in their interest. Washington's attitude toward those who make right decisions for themselves so as not to become a burden to government seems to be, "Good for you, but because you made all those right decisions ('right' being a relative term, so the government will say they were right FOR YOU), we will penalize your decisions and your success and take the money you earned and give it to others who didn't earn it because we want their votes so we can preserve our political careers." "Well they passed a law in '64, To give those who ain't got a little more, But it only goes so far." For government, it's never far enough. (Direct all MAIL for Cal Thomas to: Tribune Media Services, 2225 Keumore Ave., Suite 114, Buffalo, N.Y. 14207. GOT AN OPINION? Write it down, and send it to us. We have a page just for them. By Tom Burford Washington still stands a good the winter. They also indicate The "Cap and Trade" bill in chance at passing: If it does, that during the last interglacial Congress is advancing now as then just watch more jobs head period, 130,000-116,000 years the "Clean Energy Jobs and overseas, and watch as more of ago, when temperatures were American Power Act." I read your cash-strapped neighbors on average 5 C (9 F) higher recently whereastatelegislator have their power shut offthan now, the glaciers on from Bemidji was touting it as because they can't afford to Greenland did not completely a jobs creation bill, and he also heat their homes and eat at the melt away. praised it for encouraging use same time. In other words, we've been of American produced energy. The climate change farce is through it before, so why listen I can't believe how ironic being refuted more and more in to the "Chicken Littles" who these claims can be! Since some of the major newspapers, predict doomsday? Doomsday when does taxing American but still the propaganda mill is predictors have been with coal and gas used to produce introducing the concept as a mankind for untold centuries electricity for American homes given fact. Nevermind that the and will always be part of our and industry translate into photos of glaciers "calving" society. That doesn't mean we "encouraging use of American- into the sea have been available have to listen to them. produced energy?" Common for decades. This commonly We do, however, have to sense tells us that if you want used propaganda film footage stop of politicians from being to discourage something, you could be obtained wherever part of the problem. They want tax it. If you want to encourage glaciers flow into oceans, more revenue, so they will go its use, you give tax breaks or because they eventually break along with the Big Lie. The subsidies, off and float away. Big Lie is a method whereby The whole basis of this bill We hear about the glaciers of you just keep repeating the in Congress is to affect "abrupt Greenland melting. Nevermind lie and eventually people will climate change." People that Greenland was once accept it as fact. The time weren't buying the "global much warmer, supporting has come where we must warming" theory anymore, so trees, plants and insects about tellCongressman Peterson the radical environmentalists 450,000 to 900,000 years ago. and Senators Franken and behind this scam changed it to According to information I Klobuchar that if the federal "abrupt climate change." They gleaned from internet sources, government imposes taxes on are so out of touch that they DNA samples from as deep as our electricity you will vote have even sent us news releases two kilometers suggest that them out of office. If they blaming last spring's flooding the temperature at Greenland cannot stop this "cap and in the Red River Valley on probably reached 10 degrees C trade" taxation, then next time "abrupt climate change." (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in the we will elect someone who The legislationin summer and -17 C (1 F) in can. It's that simple. Consensus still possible with healthcare reform By Douglas E. Sehoen overhaul." So the American and looks to center negotiations Despite the skepticism ofpublic can be won back. But around his core principles of many Democrats, genuine only if the Democrats embrace "cost control, competition, bipartisanship on healthcare bipartisanship. (and) making sure that people reform is not only still possible, The administration recently have good, quality options." but is probably the only way to took a step in that direction There are plenty ot get major reform passed, when it signaled a willingness innovativepoliciesbasedonthe Support for reform is to support a national insurance President's core principles that certainly dwindling. A recent co-op system over a public will affect change and garner NBC poll found that just 41 6ption. In' another move sure support from both parties. A percent of ~Americans support to shore-up GOP support, full-scale overhaul might not tire /'regident~' : heaithcare the President has reportedly be politically possible at this proposals, while 42 percent agreed to oppose repealing the time. think they're a bad idea. Only "non-interference" clause in Policymakers should re-visit 24 percent believe their care the Medicare drug benefit, plans to institute electronic would improve under Obama's Bold acts of bipartisanship medical record keeping and plan; 40 percent think it would have taken place outside of the make insurance more portable. get worse. White House, too. Tort reform also hasn't Americans also believe --Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) received enough attention. And correctly -- that negotiations has been gaining steam in his preventative care programs between the two parties have campaign for a "third way" tend to be universally popular become acrimonious. A recent reform bill that aims to shift and have a track record ot Pew poll found that 63 percent people off of employer-based bringing down long-term of Americans think that the msurance, costs. President and RepublicansAnd despite pressure to Healthcare reformers aren't working together, up call off bipartisan talks, should re-devote themselves from 50 percent two months the Democratic members to reaching across the aisle. ago. of the influential "Gang of Abandoning bipartisanship More respondents pin the Six" are engaging with their now would further divide the blame for the breakdown on Republican colleagues. Senate country, jeopardizing future the GOP than Obama. But the Finance Committee Chairman legislative efforts and making slice that thinks the President Max Baucus has promised that it that much harder for the bears some responsibility is they "remain committed" to government to address the now at 17 percent, up from 7 achieving a bipartisan bill. huge challenges we're facing. percent in February. During his recent interview Douglas E. Schoen was a There's still widespread with radio host Michael campaign consultant for more support for reform in Smerconish, the Presidentthan 30 years and is the author principle, though. Sixty commended the Republican of "Declaring Independence: percent of respondents think members of the Gang of Six The Beginning of the End ot the healthcare system needs and said that he s "happy to the Two-Party System." "major reform" or a "complete make sensible compromises," Defusing ~u ]] and presented us with mostly rnewspaper was mailed bad choices. And it keeps raising the ante. Iranian officials II Wednesday, October 21, 2009 II recentlyadmired something II Ifyou think you receive this edition late, pleasegeta II U.S. intelligence agencies had II ~&.. U.S. Postai Service Consumer Card already told President Obama: o,s Form4314-c) ~/| Ahmadinejad and company II r~" from your local post office, are building a hidden uranium 1[ -Fill it out and turn it in to your local post office. 1| enrichment facility near the city ~____is is the only way to improve mail serviee! ll of Qom. The Iranians showed no Published every Wednesday at Bagley, Clearwater County, Minnesota USPS 187-720 Periodical Postage paid at Post Office, Bagley, MN 56621 By FARMERS PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. P.O. Box 130 ~ Bagley, MN 56621 Subscription rates: $24 a year in these towns: Bagley, Clearbrook, Gonvick, Leonard, Pinewood Shevlin. ($13.00 six months); $2S.00 a year or $15 for six months in these towns: Fosston, Gully, Lake Itasca, Lengby, Solway, Trail. All other loctaions (in USA) $30.00 a year ($16 for six months). 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Arnold -- Production Manager / ITS Jessiea Braaten Ad Compositor Janet Sehafer -- Mailroom - Julie Rostvit Typesetter Teresa OIson -- Bookkeeper BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Ted Olsoo -- President * Darol Melby -- Vice President Carol Lindgren -- Secretary/Treasuer Directors: Tom Larson, Jim Michel, Tamara Edevold and Mary Hayes THE MISSION OF THE FARMERS INDEPENDENT: To constantly strive for excellence and integrity in serving a growing community with local news. By Ed Feulner long enough, it can announce take every precaution to avoid No wonder presidents seem itselfto be a nuclear power. That's injuring innocent civilians. But to age so quickly -- dealing with an alarming prospect, since Iran we also have to ensure that any the country's toughest problems is the world's foremost sponsor strikes decisively set back Iran's every day takes its toll. Many of terrorism. It would cause a nuclear weapons capabilities. of those problems seem almost dangerous shift in the planet's Furthermore, to make sure Iran insolvable, balance of power. We simply doesn't lash out with the missiles Look no further than Iran.can't allow Tehran to obtain the and weapons it already has, the Since its Islamic revolution ultimate terrorist weapon.U~S. should make it clear that an in 1979, that country has The U.S. and our allies can Iranian aRack, whether on our bedeviled American presidents make progress if we stick homeland or on an ally, would be together and act quickly. In June, met with overwhelming force. It a Heritage Foundation special hit, we'll hit back much harde/ report laid out some steps we'll and more destructively and block need to take to prevent Iran from Iran's oil exports. Moreover, gaining a nuclear weapon, and if we urgently should be building that fails to mitigate the threat, up our missile defenses, rather First, mobilize an international than curing back on them as the coalition to contain and deter a Obama Administration is doing. nuclear Iran. We've got the start Finally, our leaders need to of such a coalition, with Britain, explain that our complaint isn't France and Germany already on with the Iranian people; it's with contrition. Instead, they acted board. But we can't give China or their leadership. belligerently, testing missiles that Russia veto power. They need to In recent months, millions of could -- someday -- be used to recognize the danger of a nuclear brave Iranians have marched to aRack.westem cities. Iran and join us in blocking it, protest their government, which There are no easy answers,or they need to stand down and seems to have stolen its most During the Bush administration, allow the allies to act. recent election. The United States the U.S. tried to work with allies We also must levy much wants to see all Iranians living to defuse the Iranian threat. Yet tougher sanctions on Iran.safely in freedom, as members ot years of talks led by Germany, President Obama should make the intemational community. The France and Britain failed to deter it clear the U.S. will push for nuclear weapons their leaders Iran's nuclear ambitions, international bans on foreign seek are as much a threat to We've also tried dealing investment, loans, arms exports, peaceable Iranians as they are to with the problem at the United and gasoline exports to Iran. This us. Nations. But Russia and China would starve the Iranian regime of The Iran problem won't are close allies and active trade its funding and deprive its people dissipate overnight. But we can partners 'with Iran. They've used of the cheap fuel they've come to protect ourselves and our allies ii their Security Council veto power rely on. If Iran continues to defy we act quickly and work together. to dilute and delay attempts to the international consensus, it The United States should be ready impose sanctions, must pay a stiff price, to take "yes" for an answer, when Iran's approach is to stall. It The U.S. also must prepare for Iran is ready to halt its support aims to tie up the U.S. and others military action as a last resort, for terrorism and its efforts to in endless negotiations while its The Pentagon should update its obtain the world's most terrifying weapons and missile programs plans for attacking suspected weapons. progress. If it can avoid sanctions weapons sites in Iran. We should