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October 21, 2009     Farmers Independent
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October 21, 2009

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 FARMERS INDEPENDENT, Bagley, Minnesota - Page 7B u SEPTEMBER 3, 2009 from Grandma B's and lots of person that comes in to do energy feels it does not take that long to in their budget. Minnkota may of the duties that Jacobs cannol The Bagley City Council met donations. Group does not want to conservation audits on buildings, do their work. All records must be need to increase utility prices and do at this time. LaRoque asked in special session on September see the Senior Center close, which they may want to take part kept at the Court House because he feels that the Utilities cannot if the Council could look more. 3, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Edevold asked if the County in. The Public Utilities does have they am the central information absorb this amount. There may at this for 2011, being it is not in Council Chambers. contributes finything. Melby said some rebate dollars for upgrades, point. Mayor asked if the Council have to be a 25% increase in the the upcoming budget and more Present were Mayor. John no. Mayor suggested they speak but you need to pay for what you wouldlikeaCountyCommissioner Bagley Public Utility charges, information is needed on what the Sutherland, David G. Anderson, with the County Board also, do first, and then get paid back. or Sheriff Erickson to come to the Michel feels the amounts should position is to do~ Michel stated Mark Edevold, Sidney Michel, because they do help all who want, Discussion was held on what next City Council meeting. Chief be left as Senior Citizens at $1,500 that it is unknown what is in store Wendy LaRoque, and Clerk in the City and County, Michel the Hockey Association charges Halverson said that he has no and the Hockey at $1,500. He also for 2011. Edevold said that the Treasurer Colleen R. Lindgren. said that the Council definitely for open skating and on what kind problem with paying something stated that he has had five calls difference in the $15,000 and the Also present were Alice appreciates all that the Center does of fundraisers they do. There is no for the services. LaRoque would about an outdoor rink. Discussion $12,600 increase, could be put on Gunderson, Ruth LaFontaine, and they know that it is a difficult County support and only a small like to see how they divide up the was held on where a rink could be Jacobs wages and put her in as Marilyn Melby, and Police Chief time, but the Council needs to amount from the Community Ed amounts. Michel stated that if the located if it were to be made. Deputy Clerk. Michel would like Darin Halverson. foresee the future. Edevold stated for the squirts and open skating. Count}" would cut the amount they Clerk explained the utility to see a pay scale done. LaRoque Mayor Sutherland called upon that the LGA has been cut for a Michel suggested a number of ask for by another $3,000, it would amounts figured in the budget, stated that the rates would never members of the Bagley Senior few years. Michel also stated that other areas where they should go help. He would also like to see an Edevold stated that if there are be the sameeven with pay scales. Center, for discussion about last year there was an increase in looking for help. Larson did say itemized bill each month, for the funds later in the year, maybe the Michel stated he would not be the utility bills for the Center. the levy but this year the Council that they do charge $200 for use work they have done. Edevold amount could be bumped up. He opposed to giving something to Gunderson asked the Council to is trying to keep it the same. After of the building if someone wants would like to see the Council still will speak with the Public Utilities Jacobs, but for this, year at least reconsider their decision about next year the LGA may change, to reserve it. She will get a letter go ahead with zerodn the budget. Board. Much discussion was held he does not want to hinder Union cutting their contribution to the Mayor suggestedthatthe Senior addressed to the Public Utilities Mayor again asked if the Council on the utility amounts given to negotiations. Edevold stated that Center for the utility bills. Mayor Center Board put a letter in to the Board. The Council will take into would like someone to come to the the Senior Center and the Hockey she would have a job title put on. stated that they have not been cut Public Utilities and get on the consideration her request to again next Council meeting. He will ask Association. Amounts will be left LaRoque asked if the position completely out. Gunderson went County Agenda. Marilyn Melby help out the Association by paying them to attend, at this time as shown, would need to be advertised. She on to say how they do fund raisers stated that she feels giving to the towards their utility bills. Michel feels the levy may have Clerk stated that she would like asked that it be left as is for now such as breakfast once a month, Center is the very best investment Clerk stated that she has put to be raised by % and then the to see a raise for City Bookkeeper and think about it. Clerk explained which they bring in about $300. the City can make. Gunderson in all the changes on the 2010 utilities for the Senior Center and Faye Jacobs. Her pay is under what that she did not feel it would have This is less that of their utility asked what the plan is for 2010. It Budget that the Council requested the Hockey would be covered, she feels it should be. Edevold said to be advertised because it would bill. Their insurance is $200/ is unknown for sure and Edevold at the last meeting. She figured Edevold disagreed. LaRoquethat he could see that a fairness beapromotionforJacobs.Edevold month and with an old building stated that it would depend on in the same tax levy as 2009. stated that we ean't do it without raise is needed. Chief Halverson wouldliketoseethe$2,353.64pu! they have plumbing and electrical how generous the Public Utilities Proposed expenses compared to raising taxes and in all fairness stated that he would like to go on into the City Hall Budget under work done almost monthly. Just would be for the year. the proposed revenue are higher the County should be charging record that he has no problem with supplies and materials. Mayor general upkeep is very expensive. Joey Larson, Vice President by $12, 646.36. There should be the other cities. Edevold said that giving Jacobs a raise. Edevold Sutherland stated that ifLindgren Edevold suggestec] that the group of the Hockey Association, was $15,000 left in the 2009 Economic the Senior Center is a tough call said that the City Employees were to retire, it would'be good to do a short letter to the Public present to ask for funds for the Development budget to carry over because up to 2004 the City did wages get published in the paper have someone somewhat trained Utilities Commission asking for hockey building utility meeting, to 2010. not kick in on their bills. The City but the Utilities Employees do in to either help or take the Clerk their support as well. The group The Association is doing a lot of Mayor Sutherland has met with kicked in when they got hit hard not and they have been easier for position. Or if something comes could propose that the Public fundraising. She feels the City Sheriff Erickson on the Funds in 2003, and in a very short time the utilities to bump up the pay. up for Lindgren, Jacobs would be Utilities match the City share. The needs something and somewhere that the City pays to the County it has gotten much larger for the He feels the basic responsibility . able to step in. cost of the utilities for the Center for kids to go and do. They had for Dispatcher services. Sheriff City. between the Utilities Office Motion to adjourn was made by is around $700/month for this time written a grant to Minnesota Wild will be giving a letter to the City Clerk explained that the revenue Worker and the City Bookkeeper LaRoque. Seconded by Edevold, of the year and in the winter it is for $10,000, and received it, for " concerning the $6,000, which shown was the $3,000 from the is very similar. Michel asked if passed unanimously. over $900 per month. The Mayor equipment only for 35 kids and 5 the city pays. This is not just for P.U. for the Hockey Association there would be a problem with the asked if the Senior Center has any goalies. The residents in the area dispatch services but also for and $1,500 for the Senior Center union if Jacobs wel;e to be given John Sutherland, Mayor cash reserves. Gunderson stated ,are 13% below state average of records and all they do for the from P.U. Edevold said that the a raise. Edevold feels confident ATTEST: they do have a small amount for poverty. They are the only non- Officers. Edevold asked what they Council could ask the Public that the Union employees will get emergencies only. LaFontaine profit hockey association in the charge for Clearbrook. Mayor said Utilities to pay $3,000 for" the the same as the City employees. Colleen R. Lindgren, CMC talked about all the work they State of Mintaesota. The Bagley that Clearbrook and Gonvick pay Senior Center. He asked if it would be possible City Clerk Treasurer do at raising funds. They paid group is growing more every zero. Bagley is the only one that Edevold proceeded to tell the to put Jacobs in as Deputy Clerk, o21c for the kitchen being remodeled, year. pays. Michel would like to see an Council that a letter has been and increasing her duties to which cost about $32,000. They Edevold informed Larson that itemized bill from the County for received from lqTVlPA, Minkota is include doing some of the Council did have some grant funds, help in September there would be a the services done. ChiefHalverson having a 28 million dollar shortfall minutes. Lindgren explained some SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 Discussion was held on the 911 the upper shelter and picnic tables, the City would.have the full force how much it would cost. Michel The Bagley City Council met fees that are collected. Part of this Grant stated that the paint must of the County if they contracted, feels that the dollar figure that was in regular session on September 8, comes back to the County and is be used by the end of the season. Mayor Sutherland said that he has given to the Council is still a little 2009 at 7 p.m. in the City Council used for repeater equipment, base Board members were asked to spoken to the City Officers and low. Erickson stated he did not put Chambers. . station, and computers for the 911 bring their list of priorities to the they had stated that they would be anything in for cars & equipment Present were Mayor John systems. It cannot be put towards last meeting and the main project interested in looking into it. Chief for the cars. Mayor asked if the Sutherland, Council Members wages of Officers. Anderson they want to work on is the small Halverson s~id that this matter Council Members would like to Wendy LaRoque,Sidney would like to see Clearbrook and park on Spruce Street, which they comes up each year, and he would set up a meeting to go over all the Michel, Mark Edevold, David G. Gonvick at least charged $100 will be calling Spruce Park. They like to look at it to see if it would figures. Erickson stated he would Anderson, and Clerk Treasurer per month. Edevold stated that it would like to put a 12X12 foot be cost effective or not. When just like an answer on whether or ColleenR. Lindgren. would be easier for the City ifthey concrete slab on, cost of $401, Truth in Taxation comes, the not the Council is thinking about Also present: Utilities Manager were paying, with a basketball stand and hoop, residents would be able to see that it, because he is hiring now, and if Mike Jensen, Liquor Store County Land Commissioner which Teige could build at the City it was checked out and they would the Council says no then the offer Manager Ken Moen, Scott Grabill, Bruc~ Cox was present to explain shop, with an approximate cost of be told whether or not the Council is off. Edevold stated that he feels Sheriff Mike Erickson, Fire Chief a request put in by the County, to $250. Board is asking the Council had decided to do it. Michel asked that four of the members have said Rick Viktora, County Attorney put up a number of tax forfeited to authorize up to $800 for this about the City of Fosston looking that a meeting is not necessary so JeanineBrand, Police ChiefDaren properties up for auction, which project. Mayor Sutherland offered into having their own Police they could basically declare that Halverson, and Bruce Cox. are located within the city. to donate a heavy-duty backboard Department. Sheriff informed they appreciate his time but they Motion was made by EdevoldCity has the right to approve for the project. Motion was made him that they are not going to do are not going to do it so he should to approve the Council minutes or disapprove the selling of the by LaRoque to approve up to $800 it at this time. LaRoque asked if not be holding up on the position. of August 11, 2009. Seconded by properties. Discussion was held for the 12X12 slab/backboard contracting wouldlowerservices. Council members were in a Michel, passed unanimously, on three parcels, whi6h are located and pole for the basketball court Halverson said that there would consensus to not have a separate Mayor Sutherland called south of the tracks. If the Council project in Spruce Park, with Teige not be a car roaming in the City meeting. upon Sheriff Mike Erickson to disapproves of selling any of the to do the work. Seconded byfrom 8 to 4, but Erickson said that Michel asked Halverson to speak with the Council on the property, the statute gives them 6 Edevold, passed unanimously, he would not have a car scheduled check on the speeding sign Dispatching Services, which are months to purchase the property. A small survey has been handed in the City but it would be covered, and bring back to the Council. provided tothePoliceDepartment, Edevold feels that it would be out to park patrons with good Anderson stated that no matter LaRoque asked about submitting by Clearwater County. The City is in the best interest of the City o feedback coming in, such as good what color of uniform the Officers a letter to DOT, asking to lower charged $500.00 per month for to purchase the three properties hosts, larger camper spots are wear, the people want to see the speed limit on the east end of these services. Erickson read a list located south of the tracks. These needed, park is real clean, and coverage. Edevold stated there is the City. At the bridge it should of all the services that are provided parcels are close to the City wells, more fire rings are needed but not a difference between response and start to be 45 mph. Anderson said to the City for these funds. Police Motion was made by Edevoldso close to campers. Park Board coverage being there. Residents that he had a concerned resident Dept. does their own NSF checks, to approve the list of properties reviewed the Park Attendant wage appreciate cars in the area. He told asked him why people are allowed Erickson feels this a very fair to be sold accept the following scale that the Council has proposed the Mayor that if he wants to set to park on the sidewalk in front amount. When Sheriff Trandem 3 parcels in Groven's Addition: and they do aggree with it. Jackie up a meeting to discuss this he can, of Ortons. Teige will be asked was in office the City was charged 23.304.0060, 23.304.0070,Merschman will be meeting with but it has been going on for five to repaint the No Parking on the $I,000 per month. Erickson was and 23.304.0040. Seconded by a man from the Dept. of Natural years and each year it seems to get front of Ortons along asked why Clearbrook does not get Anderson, passed unanimously.Resources on the boat ramps, more destructive. ChiefHalverson with some yellow strips. charged for services. He said they Cox stated that the Council has six There is still some talk about the said that his Officers are asking, Parks & Recreation: only have one office at 40 hours months to purchase the property at trails and moving the boat ramp to they want to know what is going to Councilman Michel asked that per week. Bagley has 3 Officers market value. Cox said that'there the other end of town, but nothing happen to their jobs. Edevold feels the City reimburse Park Attendant and 3 terminals where the reports .- might be more properties in the will be done on this at this time. that ChiefHalverson has come up Wayne Netland for the use of his can be written right in the office area of the wells thatcome up for They are still talking about what with a very good system and has 4-Wheeler while the park golf and transfer to the Sheriffs Dept. sale at some point in time. to do at the- Recreation Complex done an admiral job. Michel stated cart was broken down. Michel and put on "the system. Mayor Department Reports: Liquor area. Question is whether to work that the only complaints lately are suggestedpayingNetland$150.00. asked if there is a written contract Store-Ken Moen. August sales on building a permanent structure the hours that officers are on, due Motion was made by Anderson to for these services. Erickson were down 15%, which is no or dugouts. Rumor has been heard to some park problems. Halverson reimburse Netland $150.00 for the said he has not seen anything, gain from last year. Moen asked that the Bemidji teams will be explained that when there was use ofhis4-Wheeler. Seconded by Attorney Brand said that she for quotes to fix the back room of coming over to Bagley next year a rash of break-ins, there was a Michel, passed unanimously. thought there was one, but when the store. He aSked three different to play softball. Edevold said that City Officer on 24 hours. Michel Buildings/Transportation: the City contracted to be in the contractors, two showed up to these teams pay a dollar amount would like to see a radar sign put Councilman Anderson said he has Court House, it was incorporated look, and one put in a quote for to hire someone to oversee the at the end of town for speeders, spoken to Brandon Simpson and into that contract. Edevold said the work. Don Friborg put in a softball project and use the fields. Halverson will look into the cost he will get the 6 X 6 fence up this there has been a constant howl of quote for $530.00 to retape, patch, A fee schedule may be needed and look at some changes in fall, but he was not sure about the people saying that they are double seal & paint (labor & material), for the fields. Michel asked about hours. Edevold stated that he will cement/asphalt this fall. He has taxed, paying City taxes as well Moen asked for a little leeway for plans for the dugouts, but the go on record right now that he will funds tied up in another matter as County taxes. The City needs some unforeseen things, behind Board has not seen any formal not support the combining of the right now. LaRoque thinks that the to look at everything due to LGA the sheetrock. LaRoque asked plans, services. He thinks the City Dept. tar could be waited on. Edevold being cut. Erickson said that these about putting some contingency Public Utilities Manager-Mike needs 3 to 4 years of breathing said that the Zoning Board did are Sheriff Dept. services whereas on the quote. Motion was made Jensen. This is Jensen's second room to get all the contention not put on the stipulations but most PD has their own dispatches, by Edevold to approve the quote week of work and is beginning to behind them. There are numbers the Council put them on. Mayor They do dispatch Fire Dept. of Don Friborg for the walls and learn what is happening within the missing from the quote of Sheriff Sutherland agreed. LaRoque and Ambulance for no charge, ceiling repair, seal & paint for system. A report on the TV system Ericksun and it would be cutting a says she has no problem with at LaRoque asked ifErickson can see the Liquor Store in the amount of was given. position. He said no disrespect least the fences getting done, and where the Council is coming from $530.00 and to add an additional City Hall-Clerk Colleento the Sheriff's Department but waiting on the tar. The Zoning when they don't see Clearbrook $470 contingency to be made Lindgren. Monthly budget he feels it is a better image of the Bo~d will no longer be involved or Gonvick. being charged for available for any unseen problems, reports were gone over. City was C. ity to have a Police Department in the matter. Anderson stated that services, and the City of Bagley Seconded by LaRoque, passed reimbursed for sandbagging which and for Economic Development. It the surrounding buildings do not is right here and being charged, unanimously. Michel asked if was done in the City this spring, would be hard to restart a program have tar and they kick up more Erickson stated he knows there Moen has' checked into scanners reimbursement for Police Officer again. Sheriff Erickson stated that dust than Simpson's does. are roles that must be gone by, more. Moen had looked into Total training was received, and airport he felt he owed it to the City and Mayor Suthefland informed when you have a certain amount Register, but that was two years maintenance reimbursement was taxpayers to say what he could do the Council that the property of population. Michel asked what ago and the price was $10,000 received. Clerk will be on vacation and how much he felt he could do Chad Ramsrud owns is 230 feet other Counties are doing. Erickson plus. from September 18 through the it for. With a full force you can by 260 feet. He may be interested stated that most cities around FireDepartment-FireChiefRick 28% .cover a lot and departments do in a switch or sale of property, if contract with the counties. It is Viktora. In January an application Board Reports: Public Safety- work very well together. Eugene the Council is still interested in an option for the City to contract was put in for grant funds from the Mayor Sutherland. Mayor handed Cole asked what it would cost to building a new building for the with the County. Erickson cut the MN Dept. of Natural Resources out a sheet on a proposed budget, get the Police Department back Liquor Store. LaRoque would like charge in half and he feels the $500 to cover costs of 24 coats and given to him by Sheriff Erickson, up and running if they were to the Council to keep putting money is very fair to charge the City. The 6 bladder pumps. Total cost is for 2 Officers if the City would be combined. Edevold statedaside for a building. Council can speak with the County $3,900. DNR has approved a grant want to look into contracting with a lot. The only compromise League of Minnesota Cities Commissioners on this amount, if in the amount of $1,800, so the City the County. The County would position that he can find possibly Regional meeting will be held they wish. LaRoque feels it isn't would need to cover the remaining pick up the wages for the other acceptable would be maintaining in Mclntosh on September 24, fair that other cities in the County cost of $2,100. Motion was made Officers pay. Erickson explained a department with a Chief and from 1 to 7 p.m. Registration don't fair. Edevold stated even if it by LaRoque to accept the DNR that this dollar amount is only a ~contracting for the Officer cost is $40.00. Motion was made were nominal, and Bagley wasn't grant in the amount of $1,800 draft, and he did not figure in any services. Michel stated that he has by Anderson to send up to three sitting out there all by itself, and to approve the City portion of vehicles. Erickson said the County always been against hiring out to people to the MN Cities Regional Erickson stated it is because of the $2,100 for the total of $3,900 for could take all three officers right the Sheriff's Department. Erickson meeting. Seconded by Edevold, size of the City and the number the fire dept. equipment. Seconded now because he does have one said that he can take it or leave it, passed unanimously. of calls. Again he stated that the by Michel, passed unanimously., opening at this time, if the City is it would just be more work for him A letter was received from the biggest part is the dispatch and it is Park Board-Jeanine Brand. The interested in contracting he would if we contracted. He wanted it on Greater Minnesota Environmental up to the County Commissioners. park board has been busy painting hold off on hiring. He believes record on what they could do and Trust asking the Council to join their membership. Cost is $1,500 to join. Matter was tabled till the next meeting. The 2010 Proposed Budget was discussed. Anderson asked what, it anything, should be done with the contract with County for dispatcher services. Does the Council want to cut somewhere to cover costs for this? Edevold does not feel that it needs to be found anywhere right now, unless the Council wants to add on $6,000 and raise the levy. LaRoque asked Chie! Halverson what he thinks about paying the County for Dispatcher Services. Halverson stated that he understands the City should pay something but he also feels other Cities in the County ought to pay too. Edevold stated that the City should see a billing for the dispatching each month. Motion was made by Anderson to approve the 2010 Proposed City of Bagley Budget in the amounts as shown for a total of $1,188,457.00 City Hall - $447,630.26 Fire Department - $61,020.00 Police Department $252,812.42 Dog Pound - $7,677.00 Roads & Bridges - $299,059.32 Park & Recreation ~ $46,202.00 Cemetery - $4,710.00 Community Service - $2,400.00 Zoning commission $6,446.00 Economic Development $9,015.00 Airport ~ $2 i,523.00 Firemen's Relief- 19,962.00 Special Asses: Fire Truck - $10,000.00 Seconded by LaRoque, pfissed unanimously. Edevold made the motion to submit the proposed Levy to the County in the total of $493,469.00, which is a zero percent increase. Seconded by LaRoque, passed unanimously. Edevold made the motion to approve the Sign Lease Agreemenl with Daniel Larson for October 12, 2009 to October 11, 2010. Seconded by Anderson, passed unanimously. LaRoque made the motion to approve payment of the outstanding bills. Seconded by Edevold, passed unanimously. Upcoming Meetings: Sept. 9'h al 6 p.m: - Public Utilities Meeting Sept. 18~ at 5:00 p.m.-Mn Association of Small Cities- Mahnomen Sept. 22nd at 6:30 p.m. - Park Board Being there was no ftLrther business to come before the Board, Michel made the motion to adjourn. Seconded by Edevold, passed unanimously. John Sutherland, Mayor ATTEST: Colleen R. Lindgren, CMC City Clerk Treasurer O21c READTHESE NOTICES TO STAY iNFORMED!