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November 15, 1928     Farmers Independent
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November 15, 1928

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kLL RIGHTS RESERVED m "To f4AVE EXAM INATt'ON$" If{ ~MRYTHIN(= "r~lq f)10 YA reEVE yoPpo EO ,rr: T PTuP~" uP~ "-" ". r-" I / : ir Enou gb qAImB) ' Fa ~ t . ~rL~ ~_i the rlder was lost--being overtaken ' Judge of Prob~ Court. I Fz'ed A. Ukeneskey and ]'da Ukene-s" = / .......... n" MINN i and slain by an enemy--:.ll for the O E LEWIS /" [key, his wife, as mortgagors, to Vic'].~. L'h~2tstDz~uv .......... _J _.. _~ . .- __ W. want of (.are abou! s horseshoe nail-- ~*ornev for'Peti~er, Itor E. Gerdlund, mortgagee, and filedl' -- l he Ba-le" Restaurant = l]~=l~ ~/ ............. kiln 12~''-''" ~::~" ...... Cnovll5) lfrrecrdint'hefficeftheRegister[ Mrs Vnt~-y ........ | oe,,jum,u~... ~aglev,IHlnn ~ " " Coon- .. i ~t /2#lZllgll, ~t~W|l~ ~llt~.l~ ~ . ~ig~'a. of Deeds m and for Clearwater . . l~dllW,~ St IW~ ?'~L.~'~ i f'l ..... ~ ] It- Minnesota, on the Ist day of May, I[ LONG DISTANT HAULING] Mr.A S and QUIC LCNCaZS ] ~7 I !1 Legal ~ouce, II st',,MONS 11925 at :3" o'clock P. M., anfirecordedll PROMPT SERVICE ] At Reasonable Rates I ~ ,~ ~ I [] ...... 1~ STATE OF MIbINESOTA, County of)in Book 42 of Mortgages ac rage ~ot,['[ CAREFUL HANDLING ] Opposite Motor Inn Bagley i r" ~ [ ~ Id_ I I NOTICE OF MORTGAGE / ~., a~attr [thereoI; ...... i~ -enlists in the~| PHONE 7-B BAGLEY, MINN. i ~__ ~" "R ~ ~ Lie ....2. . Tna~ saJ(l (le~,~,,L .... - " - FORECLOS~ E S~ LE /DISTRICT COURT, Fifteenth Judtcml failure of the mor agors to pay the .... [ WHEREAS, Default has been made,' District' 1 secured by satd mort-]lt Frank C. Herschberger I ' " . . . . " _..._1 a n . , ~ --~'~" l-ha exists In the con(ht~ons of that -- -, ..... ~=" ~.-- " ^-^ "'housand I , i~ .. .-. .-..-. ^ ^ a a~ u . . A]hert Murray, t lalntlrl, gage, in ,lie sum oi ~ne ~ , , 'certain mortgage, dated on the 6th ..~ ] /Dnllnrs ($1000"00) due May 1, 192S,1 II u.r.. o I 'day of March, 1918, executed by NiN "'"- ............. ~.fu.~ or.,,.v~ , "; O-;ee~-aince or Chariot-) ]anct the interest due thereon since the] []] | I% e~[.~ n~.~r~.~o~, [P. Johnson, a single man, as mortgag- ,~ JPort-r Koshon- (wife | 127th day of April, 1925 at the rate|l ~.~ !I. ~ ~r~w I I it ~o..~.,, ~;..... ,o I " n v,L v ..~ , . . ,z ~: . ~. " ~. . ]oI', to WheeleI'-Mlsner Loan Cornea y, . T,,h. Porter~ Ant~el-[ [of six her cent (6~) per annum; t, hat][ VK, W. t, ~uYr, l ]}ll -~s.~: ........... II ~rltng,N a young bride whlspereo, i a corporation, as mortgagee, anti filed ;~ ~tSo"r'~er Jesse I'orter, t i there iS due and payable and claimed/I I l| , II r . . taa~ * , . ~lO had gone to the bank wlth he l for record ]n the office of the Regaster D u a n e J Porter ] to be clue, at the date of this Nottce,[I rlanti=$ I[[ Jeweler II he do~n as ment of Deeds in and for the County o e ~aUd. ,~m:bi~: ,,tlladn't I b-::ter put [Clearwater and State of Minnesota on Jmehn~ P?~ntaer~nKlab ~n;;~tr- [r~lctuh~i~deb~n~erCUrC,dt~)~ ~ ~T"~:2[:11 ..... n' "~roeer- II r22 ,,,,,v., ' I 8 v a, ] ' ][ umce over ulso s ~ y - - ___ ,, the 7th day of March,1918, at " ' i 1 D E Seven& 50 100 Dollars o kin ? atmn D LDa g e, . [ Hundre~ , " ]~,m3, s.te.c g -, ......... re'q-'o'clock A. M, and recorded in Book w.~,', "1~ "Steffenson. as t Summons|,.~120750): that the Power of Sale [nil store, Bagley, Minn. ,.,.. ,,_ S~IOUI(] say not. wan t.,c =.~. ( f.,~,~, ..... , , ,w - ---o--, ----7 ".--,,=-- 11 28 of Mortgages on Page 1)7 thereo , rst Na ort a e contamed, has become t't too much money to be carried . reReceiver of the Fi - said m g g " ' Office Hours" 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. gl. . -, ........ ]and which said mortgage was the - ti~mnl Bank of Clear-t [or~rative: that no action or proceedmg/t " CHRIST, .:L HELSETH,. Propr.. I ~ontreat ~, ......... from ~ ~ervtce. CAreful Handlm ~lam mght. -- /after assigned by the said mortgagee ........ '-er~ Na | /;_t_ been instituted at law or other-/ Ill P " g "" ' an in orooK, lne Dantt .~ "" na~ . , . , I to Emma .Natalie.. Olander by - ~.-....*;---' ....... R,,~k, _..dan a" Iso. all l | wise to recover sa~d debt or any par l --_ ,| Phone No. 91 | [ lt~l Wi1 to ~e Wise L strument m wntmg dated on the 21st other nersons unknown ] [thereof ~, 3Ill Barley- Minn II ~=~ *.~la hl.a ~nn that two thlngs/day of March, 1918, and file(/~or recor(t I_~_:::_~ _... ri-ht title-| I NO~%; THEREFORE, NOTICE IS I r',#-'~# rrnnr',r~ /15 ' " I ~re necessary for success.|!n the offme 7f thea~agit~tre~oOfntD~vedS [estate, interest or lien in( IHEREBY GIVEN, that by vt.rtue ofI /~_.,,L~L,/]/"'/'~--~/.,] /I "And what are those?" t eh boy m ano ~or sa u ~,~' the real estate describesthe power of sale contamea m saul SERVE .' " /the 22nd day of March, 1918. at 9iinthecom=laintherein, / [mortgage, andpursuanttot atat tei70 /1= When_in_Bsmi_d_Ji_Stop at(he : ~ed. ' I o'clock A M., and duly recordecl in i ~ I I; ..... h case made and provided, said ] ~, ......... a ,. t. ah!. t. -fief /11 THIRD STREET CAFE | Honesty and saga ty. /Book 28 of Mortgages on Page 5551 ............... I---~-a-e will be foreclos-d by sale ofi ,~. ~1= af th|= ~nmmunitw as Ill and HOTEL | ~'What Is honesty?". /thereof; and, THE STATE OF.M_INNESUIA co tnc ...... s s. [bed in~and covered ""~ _,~Z_Y"~ "LY_'.'..U_\-_'~;2_-'_" -'_.a~ /|| Eurovean Plan: All Modern | ,, . - n~,s" the premises descr complete a aervsce a, they cuumu r....... , ........... " lwa s kee our word WHEREAS, The default conmsts ,nl above named defenda /. -- situated in Clear I /Iit ...... X".'.'7-- ........... i A y P Y ,; ' " b oy said mortgage, " get anywhere. Our stock of outside Rooms "An what Is sagacity, the fmlure of said mortgagor to pay] You and each of you arehere Ylwato tv. Minnesota namely: i _._. ..... ...... ,./1[ i d . . .- __.~r Court., , .. ... ,,. _ ,, al note of Two Hundred d to answer the ~u~,~, ~ ~ ,uti~l ~mt ~ m '~ever to glve your wordl the.prlncL~.... : . .i " ....lsummoned and requme: - . ; _l The Northeast Quarter of the ] .:..... 4....... ~ /ti Open Day and Night I uouars (}zoo.,uh ~ue, on.tne oCn aaYlcomplaint of the ptaintirtint ne atmveI Northwest Quarter (NE~ NW~A) I ~, .... .-,-~ =a=?== ~= ~ __~ /I ..:.. of It]arch, 1923, ann me mteresT, con-lent[tied action, which complaint has/ ..... "'--th Half of the North I our eqmpmenz n, mmaeru, mnu i ..h O ~on note for the sum of Twelve DON,been filed in the office of the Cler / _... t~ .....,.. tN,z, NE~) of See- / our prices low--we invRe tom. / Th= R ne k ana one ~sor - "I don't know why'you won't have Iars ($12.00), due on.the 1st day Of lof said District c o u r t, at the| ~i~on~ .~.;n~v_one 'i2t), q'ownship / purlieu. " / L. l LARSON M D. q thing to do with Lain. Sues .a IMarch, 1923; ann ln~erest on saIalVillage of Bagley and State of Minne-, n..e Hundred Forty-nine (149), ! When permitted to assume full / ....:&, ....... ".-:: .... '] v. I rlI~IDI~IN anu ~UINUI~IUq adsome man. And In addition, aucn p rin. cip.m ann coupon notes, all ofIsota~ and serve a copy of your answer| North of Range Thirty-six (36), l charge of arr~angements every , .. | e prospects." . wmcn ts secures oy sam mortgage;Ito the said complaint onthe subscrm-I West of the Fifth Principal Mar- I detail is handled properly and J ....... Office m ..... | ,I ~. .... ,, ~o..a about that I ana ~na~ znere ]s ac~uauy uue ana paY-ler at his office in the Viuage ot flag'I ~a;... ~a;-..~sota containing one I smoothly I r~rsz P~a~mnal l~an~ ~suilmng | Wah, ,-~, ..-h- has a bachelor uncle Iable, and. claimed t be due and unpa~dlley m's sazd County of Clearwater wtth./. Hundred Twenty (120) acres more ] R,~ardless of how modest your i Hagley, . - Minn. ] v. , .... on sam mortgage at the ~a~e ot tnt in (went (20) days after servme o] " theovern- ~ -: ...... -- I notice, includintr interest, he sum /,h; ......... urmn vou. exclusive of| . , ......... .... " I : ; es. 70B / Io Is a beggar In New York Path of Y or less, according tO g circumstances may be, our eer Phone Office 705 R o , ~.-- "-"" ..... "~ - " men( sur~ev ~nereot. " " O ['n der 00 v~ce m at your e mma a m &lme Two Hundred Eighy-three & 96-1[theday of such service; and if you/ ...... " ~__2~:. ..... ts ~"d a'~"urten- ! . -- " " "'h Wll;n ~ne nc~eu~a,,,~-~, ,-, vv of need Dollars $283 96 and r the said complaint wit le " Nol Nectuary [ WH~IR(EA'S, ~)l~e power of sale con-]~nailtt ~.~'e~foresai(t, the Plaintiff in[an~iet:hmera~tUen~y bt~:n~l~nrg~g'h~ChleSar. a ..., ._ .-.L. I D D ClT/]~lt, TC'#'N~J" f ~raveler (on boat)--You were slck said mortgage..has ~comelthis action will apply to the CourV for ]water County, Minnesota at the East Jqklr[~lur n. n,-u m I L,=X. iX, D. O Wm~OUt~ first" few days of Ihe t rlp nnd the operauve oy reason, el ~ne sa .. oe-~ the-l~l~t/~ -"~-'~ded in said complamt. / front (leer ()f the. count'3 court house,. Licensed ......|mer !I l.~,l|tlvtr~a~t;l~ It ? , . ]wise torecover the debt secured by ~id/ ~'~rne- for Plaintiff, [ :=" ~ ....... -~:, qv, 10th day COMPLET~ STOCK I Offiee tn ?he New Deck Hand--I dldn t need t mortgage, or any part tlae,~0f. | --~w'~a~,lev, Minnesota /l~lH~nesota, on .~,~t(ta, Y o~ ~-lock I' M MODERN ~ctUIPMENT / First National Bank Build[nil I - .. -- - oI t~ecemDer, v~o, a~ ~ ~ ~ -, . ask. NOW, THEREFORE, NOT CE IS " ..... " to the Bagb.y, Mmnesota ]uwo . .... T,ot ,v NOTI~ OF LIS I'ENDENS ]of said day at pubhc ye~Mue, .. Phone "/2- Bagley, Minn. / _ ....... ,,~~o i ','~'d'~,~,~,=', ~V~l'~' ~t'~in~"~d ":~n~'-Sa;aw ; sbme*'- "tmxtt-=i~s as in summons [tamed-/highest. bidder for casn ~o pay ~ne , - Q -= -- DliPlr. ~avc.o ! o,,~ v.w~. ~-. ........ :-."-.~ ="...-'~i. ; ,_-::-=_~___a,--_ ,~:_ ~.r~;~. / -mount then due on said mortgage, in- ~ -, mort age, and pursuan~ to the sta~ut'e la*e~y pr~c~ut~)g ~m~ ,,,,~,,.~. " " i the s gh ca~e made and rovided, the] Notice is hereby given that an ac-~cludmg mterest, together w t.h - D ~ DT~lr')ItI~l~xt as t~ m .u ,, ... .P .... , .... 1___ ~ ............ ~ ...l is now/costs and disbursements ot sam sam, _ ....... [. L.. DJUIMqE, DI, 11. l). covered b " said mortgage, namew: / Y ' ' " . ", " ' ~ os- I will handle your Sales for you Office ov a " / ~ ,'Y ' ' " a ainst the defendants, O-jeeg-amcetm stud mortgage m case of for.ecl ._~ ,~._ i. .... r ..,, ..~,m,v er C inmumty Drug Stor.. I,,,t Nine (9) m Section Six (6), g " ~ " " m tion witnin one ~u t,,c oc~q, ..... ~ ....... Township One Hundred Forty- /or Charlotte Porter,. Koshon( wife of|ure, subject to ~de ~ sale as are .......... ~., ,~ Phone 22 and 72-0-2 three ( 143 ), North of Range ....... ~_,_.. r~...~. .... ,.;,1,~A 6,, 1-~w vv IL,.at~xva ag ey, Minnesota Thir-John Porter) Angelme ror~er, Jesse~ year from ~ne aa~ u ' " ~ " "" "~" L. 1K~-rl B l tv-~ix (36), West of the Fifth P. I'or~er, ~mane J. ror~e~, ,~..n ~,,,~,,,, ......... ., .... M., containing Thirty-one and one- Kolb Investment Company, a corpor- Dated this 12th day of October, 1928. Licensed and Bonded half (311~) acres more or less, ac- ation, F. L. Daigle, D. E. Fast, J.B. VICTOR l~. GERDLUND, cording to the U.S. government Steffenson. as Receiver of the First] Mortgagee. Auctioneer H.C. PETERSON National Bank of C|earbrook. The GEO. P. JONES, all)Attorney for Mortgagee, survey thereof. For terms and dates call on or with tffe hereditaments and appur- Bankers National Bank, and also J ~ HARDWARE, FURNITURE tenancts thereunto belonging, which other persons ynkno~g/kclainIing a~Y~ First National Bank Bldg~#~._ ~ write me at Leonard, Minn., sale will be made bv the Sheriff of ri ht title, ~tat~nj~rest,~vr~ien[ Bemidji, Minnesota. (oc18-no22) . Lock Box 85 . UNDERTAKING 'g ' i ; "'-~ Clearwater County', "at the East frontin the ~eal e te (less([bed. u~t~ corn- I .... E Motor Hearse Service door,,f the Count;~ Court House in the plaint l,e'lr~,a~l~;~tmr~e of ob-I IqO'iICE OF MORTGAG ,~v.~, ~. Village of Bagley in said County of ~aining ~l~ud~tju~ngofpl;~e FORECLOSURE SALE "--~------ ....... Charges Reasonable Clearwater, and State of Minnesota, on tiff the ~l~w:ner i~imple f ~ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That you needa BAGLEY, MINN, the 29th day of December, 1928, at 2 premises hereinafter ~iescribed and ldefault has occurred in the conditions , o'clock P. M. of said day at puhlic barring defendants from having oI'lo~ that certain mortgage, dated the WELL DRILLED or.~esidence Phone 8913 Store 89J ;First Flsh~ramn--I thought I'd vendue to the highest bidder for cash, claiming any right, "title, estate, in-lfifteenth day of September, 1922, ex- i lied thqt fish, but It's still alive, to DaY the amount then due on said terest, or lien in said prelnises, t onlecu~d by Frances M. Parks and Anna REPAIRED 'Phone No..- Second Ditto--Don't you see it's e mo~ti~age, and interest; togtther with The premises affected by said ac i |E. Parks, his wife, as mortgagors to t O. the costs vnd disbursements of said are situated in the County of Clear-[Thacker Bond & Mortgage Company, 43-R61 Gonvlck or seeE. LEWIS man? sale, including the sum of Twenty- water and described as follows, ~o- a corporation, as mortgagee, filed for the Pioneer Well Driller record m the office of the Register of Deeds in and for Clearwater County, jve Dollars ($25.00) attorney's fees~ wit:-- Abase of Power as stipulated in said mortgage in case The Southwest Quarter of the ' Herherg Lawyer place with privilege ts fraught, of foreclosure, subject to redemption Northwest Q_.uarter (SW~4NWJA.) State of Minnesota, on the twentieth He talked an hour or more, within one year from the dat9 of sale, of Section Five (5) in Township clay of October 1922, at 12 o'clock A. --- COUN~TY ATTORNEY, Clearwate~ nd made us wonder if he ought as provided by law. ~" One Hundred Forty~six (146) IM., and reeorde(1 in Book 38 of Mort- =~m~m=~=~=~- =~ To be, perchance, a bore.I)ated November ~nd, ~. _ North of Range Thirty-eight. (38) ~ga~e Records, page 592 which de- - West of the Fifth Principal Mer- /fault consists in this, to-~it: that the STAR DRAY LINE / County Ass~$~Fof Mortgagee. idian, less the right of way of the [mortgagors have failed to pay an in- [ Across from Independent Office Ot the Same Mind I" MM ~. NATALI~ O~NDER, ] Magistrale--lt seems strange to me GEO. P. JONEI~f, Great Northern Raihvay Corn- Istallment in the sum of Eight Dollars, Gee. Gardner, Propr. Next Abstract Building at you could keep on robbing that Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee, panv and one half acre in the ]due and payable on October 1st, 1926, ~rmous corporation for so long with- iF[rat National Bank Bldg., soui~heast corner of said above land a similar installment due and pay- tBendaj~ Minnesota. novS-decl3) described forty, described as fol- )able October 1st, 1928, that they have Light and Heavy Draying ][[ BAGLEY, MINNESOTA / t being caught. " - ' lows, to-wit: Beginning at the | failed to pay the taxes for the years TEAM WORK OF ALL KINDS I~[~ ' The Prtsoner (brightly)---Welt, the =~1 --------" " .... Ion was pretty busy itselL CITATION FOR HEARING ON southea~ corner (SE) of the 1924 to 1927 inclusive on the premises Phone 66-J Bagley, Minn.~ PETITION FOR PROBATE Southwest Quarter of the North- hereinafter described and that under L OF WILL west Quarter (SW~NWL~ Sec-the terms thereof there is claimed to be due ureter said mortgage, including TILE MILLER BARBER Not Very Hangry Estate of Frank Skala tion F!~ie (5) Township One Hun- | ..... , .,~ ~.uld you give a Door ~"r~",r~ nF MINNESOTA, County of dred Forty-six (146) North of interest, at the date hereof the sum ..... t ..... u ................ . ,2 D..~,o~ ~;c~,,~ Range Thirty-eight West, thence of Twenty-four Dollars, and that no 50 ROOMS, ALL MODERN SHOP ! :: ~liow a bite to--'-- . . I. C[ea~vater, s;..h~, .t,~te"o~f "Fra;;k Nort'h 100 feet, thence Wegt 100 action or proceeding at law has been if Outthere istne In the lvlat~er o] ~ -1--- 100 feet thence to recover the debt ~ecurec~ Farmer's W e--- [ ..... nt .... feet, thence south , instituted . ,',' ~. ~oodplle and the ax. , ~Kaia, 19ecene. "esota to All Whom East 100 feet to the place of be- b~: said mortgage, or any par~ ~nereo~, Hot and Cold Water Peter Pan Beauty Shoppe ] lady but I m rhe State of Mmn Tramp--Pardon me,- '. . I It '1~-., C-n^ern" " ginning, and that pursuant to the power of sa.~c subject to splitting hea~lacnes I WHk'I~E~S,~ Ulric Rak of the Town Dated Oct. 29th, 1928. !n said mortgage, ~a~dstate m'~;tflra~ ~'e'~l Single Rooms $1; Double Rooms F" IR APPOINTMENTIfl--connection ! / ~" "-''-"-'---'~_..... [of Falk in said County and State has[ O.E. LEWIS, t ~ei~o~e~ioseu :n~ ~en~an~a t~er Coun;y $1.50; Ronn~ Wioth Bath $1.50 Reason for Weatrn [.deposited in this court an ins~run~en~[ Attorney for ,Pl.aintiff, [of Clearwater,of Minnesota, to- CALL 79R/ ~-z,s n..~. r~. ~,, think they are I m writing purporting to De ~ne I Bagle3, mmn. . .;- ~ .-~'~ .......... .-" ........ --'~" *"" , IwiU ana *--* .... , -f Frank Skala, I _ [wit: tne ~ou~n.rtattot tne ~or~nwes~ Hotel Brinkman ! i"leh? ..... .v are 'late of'th~~oun~v of Clearwater, ~ DEPARTMENT OF" THE INTEIU9RI9ua~r of ,~c,ion Mrs. 3ones--or eourse t.~., | ~t~+.. ^e we:..... .~ .....~th~,- .,,;th hlS| TT ~ T~and Office at Cuss Lake, lave, townsnip sumoer one mu.u.?:, , i ~tlch ; they're still using last year s ] p~i'~on" vra~]n~~,t~d'inst'r~ment I l~]nne;oia I Fifty, Range Number Thirty-six, w!nBEMIDJI, MINN. BAGLEY, MINN. ~tr ! ~.^ -n_---Y_;"*'",~ 3 "..:?.~ ,^ "....a...+^ / Novo-~..~'9 1928 Ibe sold by the sheriff of saidcounty t " _ .... ----- - __]a'nd~l~atVleatt~rn:tesantam~e~n~a~b~';r~nt~.'~ NOTICE~i'"s'here'by given that Emil/at public, auction, on the ,twenty: __ . _ _ _-- ,~| ~ Mlss--I don't believe Mrs. tsrowu ed thereon to Ul~c Rak which instrn-[Eliason, of Bagley, Minnesota, who,|sevent~ say Ot _~ovemDer, x~o, ~,~ I~ | ~ver brushes o~t her hoase.., meat and petition are on file in this,on September 21~, 1923, made Home-,ten o'clock A. M., at tne lhas~, rro~ !' Mister--I wouldn't say that--Its Cou.~ ando_pen to inspection, IT IS/st~a~t e_ntrT, Serial, N%01 So ,nsfor|daOOer ot saao2 C o n Ii THE GONVICK HOTEL ! O0 sweeping a remark. UKU~I~L) That said petition he nears |r~w ,,NW "/,, ~ecuon ~v, P! -" .... t Drs. Garlock a Garhck io-- on the 26th (lay of November 1928 at[ 144 N., Range 37 W., 5th Principal|State, to pay ?a~a. sum ann xn~r~l~_ H.O. HALVORSON, Propr. Travzle~ Nofe 2 o'clock P. M., at the Probate Court[ Meridian, has filed notice of intention/thereon to said clave ot sate anu c e Im.s I o from her" t tbert' Rm in the Curt HOuse" at the Vil'[ t make flnaI three ~ear Prf' t es'[ cesta "rid d~Sbursements f such lure" I[ ' I met . a 'st lags of Bagley in said ~ounty and[tablish claim to the land above des-| and " Eye- Ear- Nose- Throat Board, by the Day or Week -- she , Y e be, why sa' Y . a, - " V An A~t Pure/ petition should not be granted; tha~t sota on the 19th day of December 1928. _Dated October 3r d, .1928.. 217Vz Third Street Barker Bidg.]] j .... -- -- 1.n. nnd you file your objections, if any there[ Claimant names as witnesses:. Tbacl~er ~ond ~ mortgage ~:;ompanY, M/ wiles I(arntng the p v tara mlnn mortgagee k dau hter th'e violin" " ....... be in writing, in this Court to the al-I Henry Ste ens, of Lake I . , . Farmers Trade Solicited / :~ g " . .., lowance of said will before said hear-t Selmer Olson, of Zerkel, Minn. Keyes, Pardee & Soletl~r, / i~IgMIDJI - MINN. /i "And you--what are you tearmngz' ing; and that this citation be servedIL L Omdahl, of Bagley, Minn. A t~ff~.e.v~ for Mo~a~ , "To suffer In sllence."--4Jutlerres I by the publication thereof according to[ Henry Helgeson, of Bagley, M inn:. ~z)~ mcKnign~ tmuam~ ........ ~.~5~ 1 ~(Msdrld). . ...~-- 'law in the newspaper known as The[~ec13 J. R, Waters, t~effts~er. ~tmneapotm, minn. toc~x--uu- ,