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November 29, 1928     Farmers Independent
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November 29, 1928

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I thefruit of thy cattle, and in the Irk t"- ~ ......... ~n~l(s I homeof Nels I,angseth Thursday, [ rrmts or prom ~u d for al t,ese girts i o~et m " J thyground, in the land which the Lot " " " " " "t to sa [Dec 6th Mr" Nels Lang~eth and MrsI In overflowing yield; / " th fathers to ire thee I'd be a nyporrl e Y I " " :" "': rtain. Ever,,,- [ !~ . . / aware umo y g . ...... |Ole Lanffseth Will entertain, r~very-1 Th~nklul for the ~eauty | The Lord shall open unto thee his good l wasn't gmo co prosper ~. ! ~-" Grateful for | unto ma,y ,atlo,s. and thou ..knit not ~.~fl//I o~j.~ |friends and relatives. W~ht now ist Given to our land l borrow . " ' . .. , -k~/ />'~ \ t the time to get you1: or,t,:r in. See otu ] l'n, the progress and the weak / And the Lord shall make thee the head ~~,~ | line of cards. We will print .your name 1 Seen on every hand, ' v~ The the shfvin / and ..~t the tad; and thou shall be .bo ~ ] o~n your cards free of charge.--- ~ i "~)~-~ " The r'kfulw:l~r nOtThat~_~.~~_" '.S lete_~.('u,m ~'''to the Walte/1 that thou heark|It only ond thou .... shallto ,hnt ....... be b .... drnentsth; ,I l/ " d~ ~11" -- ~i,~. a, ZUlj.|i. | [ndependent.lR.I TJ..~m~,~., .~ ,~ ] ~~~1 ~:.~,~r .,i~ Ci~r, " ..~ ~t ' ~'h Y~;~iO~:v ] ~Ting Bodies by Fi~ ~-- the vo~e of the hout.~....__.$250 ~mouaced. Distinctively new origlnal appeat~ace. ~pler~li40~i~m~tter~ 195wh~ttoYOll$15 ~ilv~#2Pla :05,t pay~for ) ~I The* restless urge that I ...... | of the Lo:d thy God, which I ...... d But certain rich ...... to mlnd l The Tuesday Study Cluh met last ] J. "q your next car,you can h~,vc General ~ T ........... IT; | thee th:s dsy to ob ....... d to dz then1 Worth me than then. ]'v .... d. | k ~3~ tl~': h(',Tne of'.~IF~ [). l~ Renne. ] t~ful be end tellin ............ Gra ~ Y g | --Deuter~.n my 2S: 11-13. Worth all the luck I've had, and more. | ar.~ T (' l'lkren~, di~cu,~'~ed "Books Motors' quality and value. Get.oral Motors vorh ..... d kln .rid faend-- ~ ~ ................ , ~ ; ..... ] ~ / for the Family,' and Jvt]ss P terence When We co~, nl our DleS~ln~K * ' My folks aren't spoiled lot, I find, it ed " n s makes a car for every purse and purpose; i~nn~n~t~d ~'~r'I~t~l~'" ~nhg~'l,: it offers a choice of suitable models in every . ....-':'2 ....... ,':.,.~, [ (Mlssourt Synod) Th~y'ro ,us* as human as . t al reports on "Book~ Recently Read' ....... ~ ............................. | IIarvey C. Secbach. Pastor. r .... d they still are quickly kind [were given by Mrs~G. H.Hansell, ~l"s. price class; and each General Motors car ,i,,ne wor h,p ,,, am ..... .. ,;,o. st,,, .. ,o., .ha.." ,,,e~~/,~-~,,'~-t~), / Sunday school at 11 a.m. And when d;~,~rac~d they still get sere. /an(' *' ", '; ;, ~,?,,, "+ ,~/~oEe .--whether its price is a few hundreds or ~]k-~~~--~ v | ~p.ecm, t~ao,c.~ ...... ee~mg ~' ~ -- [ of Mrs. H. C. Peter,on, Tuesday, Dee. thousands of dollars--has shared in Gen- |service. . . . O Furuseth was a business callerlllth, instead of Tuesday, Dec. 14th. m,~,~ ] ~ ~ ~ at Aneta, N. D. Friday and Saturday. |This is Guest Day and an /nteresttng eral Motors' purchasing economies, has i:~' GOULD A son was born to Mr. BEAR CREEK" Sun(lay school 10 ..... "-'T-'-- _ .,~Christmas progrsm is being planned. ....... ~ ...... ~-..~ -~ Walkor;l- -~ ~.-n.. " " Jonn ~e~ner an(] sons, ~nton..anu/ Miss Ella Larson is chairlnan of the benefited from its Research Laboratories Friday, November__ 23rd. | 8p.m.Divine worship: Friday evening at on"l~l~on~la~:'~............ __--- - /mnen comm~t~ee.~ . and Proving Ground, and is equipped with FAST--A daughter was born.to_[ Mission Circle Sundsy at 2 p. m. at The Bagley schools will be elosed/, The Ind?pel~(2fnt !~ ceally a tu(eless astrong and luxurious Fisher body. '~ :~ Mr. and Mrs. Da~dd Fast o~ t, onv]czlthe home of Mr Brannigan ^.. m~. .... n,. :n(1 Frida,, forthe~mtter writer i~ nothing more. ~eeK at the hospital in Bagley Thursday. | "* * * " '~"hanksg~v'in~g l~oliday J !after week we p.repare this printed "Going to church will not make you ......"" tletter for those living here and for :~ Miss Acquina Kolb is ~t home for a[. (.t._:_,:. - ~.... :, ......... ~.~;..+M .... ,t Mrs Larry Jasverson ~nd those who have moved to some other See what General Motors offers for the Vlslt with her parents, Mr. and Mr~s. I .................... a~ .... ] a~-~ Fred Jesness were Sun-Ilocahtv, telhng of ourm'u'rl'tges, i:i -. . .. ,, mlan, you Will go LO Cl]UFCflo rlr. ~:~ll(l lVJtl ........ 1 ' ~)L J. r~o~o. / ,Inv visitors at Pea,ton t births, ,oaths, ~he conning amt going price you want to pay, and remember that , ~ Mrs 0 J Kilborn and family n,3-I ~amu~, r,~ CII, rRCH I ------ }people, of business efforts and p - the modelyouwantcanbepurchasedcon- ' " , .... ' '. t ,~.~,,,,~, ~t~ IWell, there s one good thing--thetgress, accidents, improvements, meet-i tored to CrooKs~on ~unoav alto spen~ , d month H1 hbootie ers can t use h(uor if ]t ets s and so on In fact, everything of l ........ires " ~"~j Second Sun ay of the : "g gg , "t " " g ling -- " vcniently On the low cost GMAC Pay- ~ne (tar wits relat / ..... ' " ~ ....... "t" " " rt c /1 ou - " /lwass a~ li o crocK, much worse than ]~ }s now because ~ |interest and ~mpo a~n e. y A -rou~ of fr~atheredat thel Fourth Sunday: Low Mass at 8:30. [will eat holes in the bottles. Ishould undertake to write a letter tomerit Plan. 3 - ~ " %" Iolette~Fuluseth lastlThird Sunday: Benediction of the l --------__. ~ |an absent frie'nd every week telling some oi lure. " , i s ,: ~t sermon Learn Auto & ~ ee c hem all the nexx~ xou would get a - " ( ave her teas- Most Blessed Sacrament w h " " '.: / " Monday evening an 1 gas sururL, e.__ ~ ap l:lat 2"30 p m," " " R..ev F. Baskervflle". I.] Sure future.ket' for. wheat.~V~e pa~y 25e $~]2r~'I faibt idea f the task in preparing alto" ...... *o11~ informa,,-|newspaper. Many of our town.peoples ---- $525 to $725 ----- tins Hanson Au~ 2~vla~lon ~cnool, le s r in Miss Agnes Olson had as guests last] ~ IT. "-- -- -- " ~^..|recognize this and take p a.u e " Sunday MissLee_ Joh}n~on,f ?e~f:]dI SHEVLIN CATHOLIC CHURCH Irarg'"" o..----- a~zT'la~Zen~ u;;~mst:gnews. It helps us ~eve~ models of the Outgtaading Chevrolet of Ehevtolet :. jonnson and tlarolo ~e~n e on, ' ~" "s" s will be here in less than " I-listory. h "six" in the price range of the "four". Powerful 0 ~Jnl I el.via n__id~ / First Sunday of month 8:3 a.m. I , " * . ._ " . I . ~ala "" ------- | Second Sunday of month: 2:30 p.m. [four weeksand, youthS, want. some I __~ new 6-cyllnder engine, Beautiful new Fisher A E. Johnson left for Grand Forks[ Third Sunday of month: 11 a.m. ]~nrlstmas tJreeung.~'ar~Is, u~[er ~o-1 ~d ...~,~ Bodies. New colorg. :New 4-wheel brakes. Ah,o: Delivery ) da ,~ee our beau~lIUl line lne in Saturda~y morning to have part of his I Rev. F. Baskerville, ~ astor. / Y. "-- "| ~ .~ \~]~ ~11~! J ~1 -~,~lJJ sedan; Light delivery chassis, lYt-ton chassis and lhl.ton finger amputated as the result of al "------- /dependent" __ t I~!%~~ll~i['Hr_~J~ chmuligwlthcab, bothwithfoBrgpeedsforwsxd. recent injury ~ hlch had became worse '" dch ha "[ST. PAULS LUTHERAN CHURCH]After the strenuous election COME TO] ~-2~ ]~#'~-~@~\~N[ ii!~: The school band hehl its first meet-' Sunday school and Bible classes attST'..PAUL.and~njya few d ay/j~,~ I~V ~v ~~151~-'''~" t $745 to $875 ing Monday evening and instrumentst 10 o'clock a m ]reatmn; ws~; [ne #~.nops, ~. a~r~:.,1 were distributed to the ,members. The [ Scripture 'reading and devotion led|" S~~et~o~u~o~e'| NOTICE Will the person who bor- Sevenmodclsoftoday sPONTIAC--Furtherimprovedfrom : first practice v,'~s held ruesday even- by C Colbenson at 3 p m in the|~ r~_, n , ~., Ol~l~sl~e u/ru~n~ .::|, _'-~-~,. ~ ....... :h ..... ~.+~. in~, ~-I ~ "1. " " iSensiole prices. / " nZ~J| rowe(! a uou~ ~zu,,, ,,,~ ~uu.~j= ~.~. radiator to tail-light. More pow~ful 6-cylinder entwine. ~'" /c"urc''' " / ------ / laird please return it.---Lars ~#~uam, O~eatcrol~ratingecooomy.Quickeracceleration-Theltrik- , ~,. .~,, All those, who have mission, boxes. CHRISTMAS__ is le~s~ than four weeks'., r~.~,l~,,. ~ lto_ j ............... ~ll]from the St. Pauls Lactic, Aid w tawav~ Have you ~ut m your order, -- The Grands Ladies Aid ~ale ~xlll ' " "fll .............. - ....... oenema,,,,, .wu lease brin in their boxes at this "" .... ,' " ' -9\t -- :8- F;]ceSln~.rtt~chEbwri~l b: sSt t:2]aaY~lPlme. All gnvited and welcome to/~7r Chhretm~ceG~eeti]~g c~o~d: frYro~r~l~VOST wORt~ST2IscENool~y~?~ ~e~ "'. ....... "Vlattend, /and we print your name (~f the cards {das~ Reward--Mrs E,~o~s. ~' noon am, sate wut ~ouow. / -------- 1o " h r e Conle idr now and .... --~--:':"'~ ........ ~ ~1 : ire ol c a g . Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Halseth and]BETHSA, DA LUTHERAN CHURCH|place your order.--Ind~nd:nt.' FOR SALE OR ~ENT--C;eap~for ~-ven modele of :he New OLDS~/~OBIL~-- The Ben of Aneta, N. D. vmited at the[ Sunday .~chool and Bible class every[ .... -:------- . , ! cash if taken be~.~Jan, lst.-- MaLw Cat at low Price. ' Completely redesigned and improved , r nd It may be oi lnl.eresI: to some oi our Mrs. La,rs O. Ha[seth here last week. t English services at 11 a. m. by Rev. I~ha~er~,~o ~ne~ So~a~s t~n~seaPeC at~Ye! ........ - r,d f ~c- Longer, roomier Fisher Bodie*. Also five De Luxemodds, They returned home on Friday, | J B Soren,on.a . '"~lol~ll.l'rl*'- "~'-nesO,a'" wtnr~er," ~ s a'De-tna, we: SEWING V,'ANTED--PIam a any "$1'151'145tO$1'235 45 to $1 375 : ........ -" ' ~ ::" , ~ ~ . . IsWing by Mrs. A. Renz, residin~ i : The Brorson Ladies' Aid will I late still eajoyang Indian summer UP,brown house north of court h~t(~ their annual sale of fancy and usefuul] OAK PARK LUTHERAN |here ...................... The temperaeure has been sotl~,~lov~ ~l.5]l~-~n..~v~ -- articles at the I. O. O. F. Hall, o~; Swedish services at 3 o'clock if theJmild that overcoats are still out oli .... "~"" -- ..... :~------ Thursday, Dec. 6th. A ,25c lunch w~ l roads are passable for the cat-. J etyle and we can still keep the doors ...... / .... S: be served from 3 to , o clock. [ " Iopen a few hours each day during the [~ee ~neo~g~o~S~/y:~e Ca~t ~ SevenmoddaofthenewOaklandAllAmcricanSix, rec~tly n l~ttl 111, 1 *7 early afternoo . a a rea- The Zion Ladies' Aidwill have their[ ZION LUTHERAN, LEONARD [ _ ~ , .------ .... I~onab~e~ur~The~f~ur to new performance, Luxurious appolntment~, in uew bod~ annual meeting December 6th at the English serv~ceB at ~ p. re. by uev.1~:.Un ~unaay qmte a number ot O!~l~',',': ~ ~a -,~ -~- ~ ~]p. byFisher. A car you'll be proud to own. Zion ehurch. Officers for the eoming[J. B. Sorenson. |~me friends of Mr. and Mrs.. L. nO~,sen- n,~-uv JL2-'---'~. year will be elected and all members[ --" /'langjerd tendered them a pleasa , .~1 are asked to be present. Lunch will[ BRORSON LUTHERAN CHURCH |surpr.~se,, the, occa~i~anv abne~nvgerMrS./ Itltntr~.v,~nlel)~l~,lp ____. ......... ~ ] Sunday school and Bible class al|About fifty persons, mostly from Bag-J ..~--~-=:~-,~-~Dffi, O~TV~Z tO o'clocz D~*~ a ~v-*-, ........... Eighteen moddg of the BUICK--The $" " The fire alarm wa~s sounded Satur-I . ....... |ley a~d a few from town of Nora andI ,~, ~,;~+ +, ,~o,~t ~ho.~M) day noon when a bad chimney fire[ B~ble .hour every we(tuesday a~~/some neighbors of the Tangjerds in-:/ t,~-~J~ ............. -'-.*--" Buick' recmtly pr~mted. 3 wheel-bMe*. Lightning flash was raging at the court house. The[o'clock m ~ne evemng.,]vaded the Tang, erd home~vhe~ they,|__ _=_November 27, 1928 get~w~t. Masterpiece bodie* by Fisher. Comfort and .department made a quick run but | " / served lunch which they brought with J WE PAY--- lum~'y ill ~ Ilfi.l~. ~ fox the 8tel~St hill and the their services were not required when/ " |them, including a birthday cake dec- | Wheat, No. 1, per bushel ......... 93 longest rtm. : they arrived. I RICE LUTHERAN |orated with 55 candles. Congratula-~_Wheat, No. ,2, ,per bushel ......... 91 . .... .... --------7... ~u./ Services in English at 11. |tory speeches were made by several of'Bariey, perusnel ............... "~'~ $2 295 $2 875= uliver tmrness an.a tieorge t~o~r~-/ Sunda~j school every Sunday at 10. |those present and all enjoyed a good|Oats, per bushel .............. .33 ----- to ]ney were successzu[ in ge~ung a 2eerche * * * tame_" . A purs. e of monev~ was, -])resent-~|'FIax. per Dusnei. .... .......... ~.~o each, the former a large buc~ an(1. [ /ed to Mrs Tan~,jerd as a token of ap-] Rye, per bushel ................. 86 I latter a fawn, during the, ,nun~!ng[ SELL LAKE LUTHERAN I preciation" for ~er good work in the i Shorts, per cwt ................. 1.60 ~ modd~ of the LaSALLE--ompanion c~r to ~eason DeVere Wilson d]un ~ ge~ a . ! ." .. . | The Ladies Aid will meet at thelcommunity and the high esteem mlBran,' per ewe ................. ..... o.o~1"60' ~c. Smart Cautinmt~l llne,. 90-degree V-type 8 ~!~ ~:~~tj~e:~n~ Y!am~i/h :h //7 'lt~hh iy:n I r~e~' eyltnderomxd3tmstio~meal~ae. Beautiful bodies by Fisher. ,trlklng color ! aO~,eI~fecMsrt~l.J n t,~eet Wednes ~he:mhet~g?erd famz s held i SF?ol~ Pate?t, per 98 ]bs.,:3.75 the "bacon"--or_____rather, the vension. |i LANDSTAD ~....~ ,' ......... --$3 295 to ~7 000- At a s ecml council meeting on th~ .P-" " " "/ Sunday school and Bible classes] ~ 7th the village granted the Interstate at 10 o'clock ! T~nty-nix models of the CAD~d.dkC--The standard of Power Co. permission to use the nec-r The Ladies; Aid will have their an-I "~1 ~ "1 r~l_ -. -- L...L the world. Famous 90-~gre~1-type 8 cylinder engine, essary streets and alleys for erecting tnuaI auction~sale Friday, Dec. 7th P,t~ /n#~ r~malV anf,~[r~ lo~ous bodie, by F~fier~ad Fl_~t~d. An ext~ve poles and wire. lay g ' 2"30 n m sharn~ Lunch~ill I~e served ~ Irange of color and up~llpl/i~t~lt, / J~ Rogers Lumber Co. box factory; A after"the" sale. "" " --- " ----" (AI, Z, PRIC~#r ~O13 crew of high line employees have oeen . . . ~ s m m _ -- F b~RI RS)V busy the past few days making ar-[ i Dagleyj lvlinnesota ran ement~ for connec[ing the factoryI EMMANUEL LUTHERAN i "" r ALSO to the htgh line. I Norwegian servmes and annual bus- :_:,~ ----- i iness me~ting at the home of George ,,. . ~1 #~1 "11 .. FRIGIDA]RE--TI~ Automatic DELCO.IJGI-rT El~lxdc Phmm The Catholic Ir, a(tie~;' Aid have set :~akre at ?::~() p. m,. ITS__ L..-~,J .... ~.~! ~l~.~J[..~--. RtlLdllenll~.Q~nerslMotorshns *ndl~WnmeSyslmms.Providethe erf(~l]th~r * OaLuruay ~.u ounu y coaveai~s god lnbor-se, it~ b-azaar A chi(ken.e~ember5th as the sdatupp the.u~o.010,1e nvniiableto .vlce~ O~ the city for th. farm. ,,j,oN ,..T.., and will not .eSe"Y=i"]s' sSuppe:r:rom unu, o 3f~)n~aa]~t'~c: [The I~nAeeNtingDECEMBER 1st and 2nd--Saturday and Sunday .o,oW'te" t,,.""''", ,.o,t.'*e" Vs.,.,,,,.l. -,l'~c"i'v~'the]''O O F all rice ~'verylywe-Sthna~::h~e~llarat~]~t~ue'P~?n/~/)ad:e(~ttA~;v:~:~:neheh| Thutsda,, A GREAT EPIC OF THE WEST .,...n~., .o.., p a e "- " " "~- " c'" ( " s " David Dale, Pastor ' of supper will be 3oc f,r a[ult, andl " " ~A~k|l~ ~D]~V 25C for chihl~n. Everyone welcome, i Jr~L=~,L~I~ l~., JL I~ Mrs. W. T. Seelye, president. THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCII Please bear in min4 the fact that Anlerlea, we believe, is the only na our next service of worship will be ] ] tlon whh'h ~ets aside ea('i~ year a (lay held on Sunday morning December \ for general th:u~k.~givlng. "l'lwt d~ms 9th at 10 o'clock. ~,~','~-~ not signify Ihat this balion iS bother Next Sunday the church school will T than oliver nafl,n~. Indeed. we are meet at the usual hour, 11 o'clock. All old|god to admi! tl,at it~ some moral gifts for the Golden Rule Sunday will particulars we are worse thnn oth be received at this service of theA Paramount Picture with Gary Cooper, er~. But |n 116~ :wt we at le:,st give school, so be sure to bring yours. Todd, William Powell and Philip Strange. m an mmCLIP THE COUPONm ~ ~ i - formal declaration as a nathnJ to al~ The Christmas program committee allegiance, make f,,rf,,,,I disch,hner of has been appointed and we anticipate HERE'S A THRILL-PACKED ST01 ln ll set GEI~r~RAL MOTORS (Dept. A), Detroit, Mich. full credit for whatever we may have, a rea~ and interesting program. and announce a gratitude tO the On Sunday, Dec. 23rd, Miss,Dicldn- your blood atingle! IF YOU CI V CITE- v, ea, send, witlmaat obligation to some~hin~ that distinguishes ns, and message that will do us all good. Mi MENT, ou'll get your fiH in t t nee ! me, tf it Is not hypocrisy. Dickinson. represents the Woman's I -" d [] CHEVROLET ---together with th booklets, "The it |s fl v]rt lie 1~. ring C~am.lnd" and "Prindpl~ and Home Missionary work of our state Adm ssion 20c an [] PONTIAC ~'odd,." Yet it is only to the extent Ih'lt we and you will want to hear her. feel thls thankfulness that it has aby - , shaping InflUence npon mlr character. Services at the Shevlin church the ...... [] OLDSMOBILE or has any meaning or value to the sa~ne Sunday at 11:30 with the church r~r~ttl~ .............................. school meetingatl0:30. Bring allof CITY DRUG STORE []OAKLAND , object of our gratitude. "Oh, Lord, your gifts for the Golden Rule Sunday that lends me life lend me a heart re- next Sunday morning as this is Gold- [] BUICK Address. ....................... ,plete w|th thankfulness," exeh, hn~ en Rule Sunday. ~ ~lUr~ R, WRIGHT, Druggist [] o~e of Shakespeare's Olaracters, and ; If the weathex permits~il] en- LAR~LI~ Ah~e~ea can have no~ better praye~ deav0r to hold services at the P, xlffy today than this. For If gratitude Is Brook church meeting place at three The Rexall l~tore WE DELIVER ~'.~]~I~3Q~( ~ CADILLAC ~ ...... ~ ....."7, ........... .the of virtues, It Is parent of in the afternoon. ~ ~ r~D~M:~;b.~JOffY~P~m~. alteth a nation."~ .... ---- ,1 ..... I~Y: W; E. Grlfftth;' , ,:, ~; ~,, ,i~+ :: :;