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Bagley, Minnesota
November 29, 1928     Farmers Independent
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November 29, 1928

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~ENSE AGREEMENT, REPRODUCTION• DISSEMINATION• STORAGE• DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED• PAGE 6 THE FARMERS' INDEPENDENT. BAGL]BY, MINNESOTA. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER "rw Got Him!" Wazhing~on" s Tha=ks I d,) F˘,v{q~llt)(.ll(] Hilt] HS.~i:-rI] "l.'liurs day, the lWcllly+i\lh d;'~y of Novem ,ber next (l;~!t). to bc de~.h'd hy ~lm people of Ihese states 1t) ihe sel'vice ',of tlmt grey[ and ghwio|ls lh,in~, wh. ts the I'enefic(,nt Anlhor of all the good that was, that is, or thai wilt be; that wc may theu all unite In rendering unto llhn our sincere and humble thanks for tlis providence in tile course and conclusion of the hire war; for the groat degree of Iran qulllity, union, and plenly, which we have since enjoyed: for the peaceable and rational manner In which we liave heen enabled to establish con- stitutlons of government for our safety and happiness, and partioular- ly the national one now lately Insti- tuted; for the civil and religious lib- erty with which we are blessed.-- George Washington. Turkey Supreme Whether the various monarchs oc- icupylng their several thrones recog- :nlze the turkey as tlie bird par ex- cellence for all notalfle gastronomic occasions is a question of minor Im- portance. He Is so recognized here In America and iv the crowning glory of the White House table on the greatest ~of great feast days; and since the President of the Untled States, be lie lRepubllcan or Democrat, is more pow- erful than any sceptered ruler, tile turkey's claims to pre-eminence among r the food bh'ds of tile world may be re- garded as established.---American Le- gion Monthly. See Him Strut! Photosraphic study of the most populm ~member of society lust about this time. Our Land o? Plenty Much will be said at this season of our wealth, resources, material pow- er, extent of territory, all o-f which are things for which to be thankful. It almost seems as though the de- ecrlption of Israel's promised land pointed directly toward,America: "A good "rod, a land of brooks of water of fountains and depths that spring out of the ,-alleys and hills; a laml of wheat and barley, and vines, and fig trees and pomegranates; a laml wherein thou shalt eat bread wlfhoul scarceness; a land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills thou mayest dig brass." It would not he n bad idea in this connection to read. for the metal, the conchlding verses of this elghlh chapter of I)euteron- omy. It might prove helpful and en- ltgMenlng.--India n a polls News. Turkey Long Enjoyed • When Cortez, Spanish explorer, ill'st broke bread with the early Az- tecs, King Montezuma served wild turkey and Indian corn as outstaml- lng viands at that banquet. Coronado ,found the cliff dwellers eating roast tnrkey as one of their favorite foods. iThe Zunl Indians of the Southwest {have been familiar with turkey hunt- Jag for centuries. Some of theft most 'ancient legends and traditions are~ !built around this particular bird. AI we lati.w ~ the t~mtly board let US remember the househ~s and home- and unl~friended, and he wxtre that we dom~ making to make sunaldne in flair hearts, no maitre- what Novemlmr liberal may ~gn without. ! Łngland's Day o? Thanks Thanksgiving day is not observed ~ln England hy tl~e English. It iv • purely an American festival. The "Harvest Home" is celebrated In Eng- ,land on 8eptemb~ 24. Santa's CaRing ~ELLO.I THIS IS MI~TER CLAUS GetLtl~G, NO I, IO N0, C: - t..- A - t J-- :5 SANTA [[DO YOU KNOW? li Questlons--52 1--What city ts the chi,,f seaport of (f˘ I:'23. ~Ve•~tera NewsPKDer Ueloa.) "The causes O[ f,~ilure are: No positive aim /n life; no special preparation; lack Of appreciation of the many opportunities for self- improvement In youth; desire to be in the ,wire of fashion and pleas- ure; haste to get rich---selfishness." TASTY TID-BITS We enjoy a cupful of tea with our friendS. Serving tea in tile afternoon, if with a small s:~ndwlch or cake, will not spoil the appetite for the evening meal. The custom of TROUBLES OF 20 YEARS STANDING HAVE BEEN ENDED C=oughlin Says Sargon Overcome Indi- gestion. But Surprise Came When It Rid Him of Rheumatism Mexico ? 2--What actor In America. whose roles ranted from Koko in "The Mika- do" to "Richard lll," attained to the highest rank in his profession nnd achieved a great reputation for tile serious and intellectual quality of his work ? 8--When did the United States win Its last marathon tn the Olympics? 4---llow many tennis clubs and mem- bers has England? 5--What militia captalt~ In the Black Hawk war later became President? 6---Who was Mercator? Y--What city ts Germany's chief sea- port ? 8--Whose trial established the lib- erty of the press In America? 9--Whqt is the ratio of representa- tion which determines how many members there will be In the lower house of congress? 10---In astronomy, what Is Mars? Answers--~2 l--Vera Cruz. 2--Richard Mansfield. 8---4ohnfiy Hayes won It last In 1908. 4--There are 1.750 clubs and 175,000 members. 5--Abraimm Lincoln, 6--A l,'len]is~l scientl.˘t of the Six- teenth century, famed for Ills projec- tion on which all marine charts are drawn. 7--llamhurg. 8--John Peter Zenger. 9--One member to each 211,877 1population. 10--One of the planets of the solar System, eonspfcnous for tts redn..-~ of light. Thanksgiving National Thanks In our open gates we proclaim a confidence in Man and In our theory of government without historical parallel. We believe in our Institutions, in their potency to establish and sus- tain equality before the law and equal- lty of opportunity. AS a nation we believe In God, and that belief has been put into the broadest, fairest practice Time has witnessed. Plenty blesses Us. The high par. pose to go on and on unto heifer things electrifies our national lhought. For the prosperity of today and tt~e visions of tomorrow we give thanks. Church Thanksgivings Well Into the Ei,.hteentl~ century the day was marked by two church set'v; lees, the reading of sermous at the family hearth, and family prayer. Be- fore Revolutionary days it was more or less of a fast day. Recognition of the civil pl'oclama- tlon of a day of prayer and thanks* giving by the Protestant Episcopal church came tn 1789. the year of [)res- Ident Washington's first national proclamation. Roman Catholic recog- nition of the day by special religious features was given tn 1888. when a Mass of Thanksgiving was author- lzecL "When I tell you that I have over- come troubles of over twenty years' standing you will understand why I am strong for Sargon", said Frm~k Coughlin, 1641 Juno St., St. Paul, and employed in the Chicago Northwest- ern R. R. shops. "1 suffered dreadfully from constip- ation, heartbma~ and other troubles. [ never axe a square meal that I didn't feel miserable afte~vards. Often it would seem just like my food had lodged in my chest like a lump. I was so nervous t hardly ever got a good night's sleep. 1 lost energy and often would tit-(, (,tit before my day's work was half finished. "Then, to make matters worse, l begins havinR" bad attack~ of rheumat- ism. 1,'or we, k~ at a tram i stzffer~,,I day and night with rheumatic pains i:l both my arms and shoulders. "1 took this thing an,i that t.verythinu• I could hear of tryinff to overcome my troubIes--including a special treat;nent I ordered by ma,il[ from New York and another one Chicago, but nothing wouhi straighten me out. "1 was hem-in n~n~ood reports about Sargon, ~l"-~Ietl~cd to try it. I have nov,' taken fo~ bottles, a~tl 1 now ea,t what I watj~L, whe~ I want it --and never have~dige~.6n~Jheart- burn or other tro~Bles./5~-~iervos are in perfect condom ~ sK, ep like a top. N " "But, the b~ sm'prise was the way Sargon ende(~my rheumatism. I did- n't expect it ~o l~elp my rheumatism in fact, I didn't buy Sargon for that but it has done away with every sign of rheumatism along with all my oth- er troubles." Sargon may be obtained in Bagloy from E. R. Wright. Adv. NEWS REVIEW oF tea drinking in CURRENT EVENTS England Is so c o m m o n a n d LIIGHWAY officials from nearl.~ cakes, marmalade as well as sand- ll every state, in annual conventtoc" withes are so often served that It in Chicago, expressed the belief that would interfere greatly if the dhmer there would be an unprecedented ex- imur was not much later than it Is pension and development of Improved in America. roads during the ttoover administra- A cracker crisped tn the oven anti tlon, because of the encouragement he topped with cottage cheese and a gave the movement in his St. Louhl cherry or a euhe of jelly served with speech, and the assoclatioa staked for a eulfful of tea Is quite sufficient. Gin- a largely increased federal aid appro- gcrbread cut in small rounds and prlatlon. topped with thi(.k apple sauce, Is an olher good tea cake. Gingerbread with .~T&TISTICS made public by the ttr cottage cheese Is very well liked. "-' ternal revenue bureau show thai Pecan and Cheese Cracke~.--Take fresh crisp crackers longer than wide, 52 Individuals entered the $1,000,00~ cover with a strip of any go,d snappy or more income crass in 1927 and that cheese, cut a liltle smaller than the the total number in that group wa~ cra('ker. On lt'is lay hal